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AKB48 2017 Election Comments – Tashima Meru/Sashihara Rino (by request)

Tashima Meru: Hi, I’m HKT48 Team H’s Tashima Meru. At last year’s election, I ranked in at 43rd. Thank you very much for that. Now look at this Merusaurus here, do you know how it was born? Actually, it was born from my mind while I was wondering what kind of character to make as a personal character. At first it was a tiny Merusaurus, but with everyone’s love it started growing bigger and bigger. In this way, I hope it can keep growing even bigger by holding hands with everyone. [sign: Teaming up as one] My goal for the election is to rank within the 30s. Also, please let me tell you the pledge I thought up. I want to give the Merusaurus another shape, just like this one, and convey it to you. Ah, I was able to say it. While coming together in unity, this election I want to get bigger and bigger and rank up! Please cheer me on! Ei~ei~oh~

Sashihara Rino: Hello, everyone. I’m HKT48’s Sashihara Rino. This year’s election will be my last election. The reason for that is that I want to pass the baton to the younger members. And the reason I’m entering the election this year is because last year, even though I didn’t call it my last election, I was able to come in at #1. So I thought that if I didn’t enter this year, it would be like taking my win and running. That’s why I decided to enter this year. I might not be able to get 1st this year. Even so, I want to take up a fighting pose. I strongly believe that one cannot survive in the entertainment world without putting up a “fighting pose” at all times. That’s something I want to relay to my juniors. It’s something I’ve learned from the election. Well, that might have been me trying to sound cool, but anyway, I want to make my campaign pledge here! This year, I want to put on the 2nd Yubimatsuri! The details aren’t worked out yet, but I’ll start working on it if I get #1. Please look forward to it at that time. I’m gonna do my best to get 1st this year! Come at me!


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AKB48 2017 Election Appeal Videos – Team 8

Sakaguchi Nagisa: Everyone, the S arrow on your compass points to…Sakaguchi! The N arrow on the compass points to…Nagisa! Put them together and you get Sakaguchi Nagisa! Hello, I come from Hokkaido, I’m Sakaguchi Nagisa aka Nagi. Last year, you all gave me the wonderful rank of 70 and I’m very thankful. Thank you! This year, the goal I’ve been thinking of is really high…I’ve decided on Undergirls center. To make this wish come true, I need a certain something. It’s a Daruma. Using this Daruma, I want to say a Buddhist prayer to it. First, to make the wish come true, I have to give the Daruma eyes. I’ll put them on, thinking of my wish to be Undergirls center. There, it’s finished! I gave it an eye. When my wish comes true, I’ll draw on the other eye. So everyone, please cheer me on! Byebye.

Yokoyama Yui: Hi, good afternoon everyone! I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Yokoyama Yui. If you’re wondering why I’m peeling an apple intead of introducing myself, it’s because in my appeal comment last year I was peeling an apple but I didn’t hav eenough time so it faded out. So this time I want to peel the whole thing during the video, peeling from the very start. Ouch! Anyway, this year a ton of fans have told me that I’ll definitely rank in this year, so this year I’ll do my absolute best towards that. It’s gonna cut me. Oh, time’s almost up! See, I peeled it! I brought these apples all the way from home. I’m glad I could peel it. Yokoyama Yui is going to give it her all this year so everyone, please cheer me on! See you!

Tanikawa Hijiri: Hello, everyone! I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Akita representative, Tanikawa Hijiri aka Hijirin, 16 years old. Last year and the year before for the election appeal comment, I tried to drink soda water in one gulp. The results were these. This one was year before last, and this one was last year’s. But this year I really want to rank in as my goal, so my soda drinking goal this year is also different. Look from the cap to the line, I want to drink all of this. I’m serious about this. Here goes. Eh? No way! Wait! Noo!

Sato Nanami: [sign: Chapter 4 – “Ora, it’s the senbatsu election again” / bandana: 7 seas girl] Hello! Ora, I’m Iwate’s representative Amano Nana-chan! Ora! For me this year, it’ll be the 4th election I’m participating in. I don’t have confidence, but I’ll do my best to rank in, so please root for me! Let’s do our best for Iwate too! I wanna rank in tai! [shitai = wanna / tai = type of fish].

Hayasaka Tsumugi: I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Yamagata representative, Hayasaka Tsumugi. This year I’ve tried really hard along with my fans with the goal of ranking in in mind. Also, it would be nice if a lot of my teammates could rank in as well, so we could make it the year of Team 8. Everyone, please cheer me on. That’s all from AKB48 Team 8’s Yamagata representative, Hayasaka Tsumugi.

Sato Akari: Good afternoon, everyone. I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Miyagi representative, Sato Akari. Looking back on this year, I participated in the hosting of an international tennis exhibition match, and I was appointed ambassador of ties with Miyagi prefecture. It’s been a very fruitful year. This is thanks to the fans supporting me. And for this year’s election, which is my 4th one, I plan to get more fired up than usual! Along with my fans! I’ll do my best! And now with the fusion of tennis and Miyagi prefecture, I want to show you the charm points of Miyagi while swinging the racket! Here goes! [??] Beef tongue! Reach people’s hearts! [??] Did it come across? Now I’ll go close to the camera and tell you my election goal. [sign: Rank in!!]

Mougi Kasumi: I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Fukushima representative, Mougi Kasumi. My goal for this year’s election is to rank in. So this time I thought I’d challenge myself at something I’m bad at. First, a tongue twister: I’ll say aburikarubi 10 times. Here goes. Next, I’ll eat some green peas, which I don’t like. I’ve prepared a bunch in here. Delicious… Everyone, please cheer me on. Byebye~

Okabe Rin: Everyone, hello. I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Ibaraki representative, Okabe Rin. Since last year’s election, I’ve gotten the title of “One Cour Regular” on AKBINGO, and I was chosen to participate in stages by our beloved Kojima-san and Toyama-san. I’ve gotten a lot of opportunities the past year. Even though I’ve done all that…I still haven’t been able to rank in at the election. But I want to show you how charming Ibaraki can be, and that’s why I applied for election. I’ll do my best, so please cheer me on.

Honda Hitomi: Everyone, hello. I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Tochigi representative Honda Hitomi. I want to do some PR for Tochigi to show its charms, because I’m working as a future ambassador for Tochigi. So I’d like to talk about Tochigi’s special product, strawberries. First, right here…I’m sure you all know this one very well, “Tochiotome”. The Tochiotome is sweet and sour and very juicy. And the little top part here stands up classically. These berries are very fresh and delicious. Aside from the Tochiotome, Tochigi produces another variety…tada~ these huge ones are called Skyberries. You can see how big it is when I compare them side by side. This one is also extremely sweet. It’s super juicy and delicious all the way up to the stem. Just like these Tochigi strawberries, I want to be loved by everyone and become a really popular idol. I’ll do my best. As good luck for the election, I’ll eat this big skyberry. Here goes~ Mm, it’s so delicious. I’ll work hard!

Shimizu Maria: There are all those Team 8 members. But somehow I got left out of that. That makes me feel pretty bad. I guess I’ll just have to play this. Yeah, I had no choice.

Takahashi Ayane: I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Takahashi Ayane from Saitama. Although this will be my 4th election, this time I’m hoping very hard. Until now, I haven’t been the competitive type, but this time I strongly want to rank in. And speaking of strong, my teeth are really strong. Using my strong teeth, I’ll crunch into some foods. First, I have a famous product from Saitama – a rice cracker – and a lolipop. I’ll start with the cracker.

Yoshikawa Nanase: Everyone, hello. I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Chiba representative, Yoshikawa Nanase. Since last year’s election, I’ve participated in a fashion show and a recitation. It’s been a very full year. Also, my fans were able to see me do skits on the Team 8 TV show, “AKB Team 8 Bunbun Eito” and see new sides of me. That’s why I want to try a stage play this year. Finally, I love pizza so I want to eat some! Here goes! Arienti!

Oguri Yui: Everyone, hello. I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Tokyo representative, Oguri Yui aka Yuiyui. I submitted candidacy for the election again this year. The catchphrase this year is “It all starts here”. Last year, I participated in an exclusive solo concert, I was chosen for AKB48 senbatsu, and I came in 1st in the Renacchi senbatsu election. A lot of great things have happened to me this year! However, I can’t rest on my laurels, I have to aim even higher. I think my true start is coming up now, so my target goal for the election is 16th! The goal is really high, but that’s the one I chose. And so…”I’ll snap snap your heart!”

Oda Erina: Good afternoon, everyone. I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Kanagawa representative, Oda Erina. I want to challenge this year’s election with a different emotion than in past years. This last year, nothing but good things have happened to me. I participated in a lot of AKB variety shows, I had my own radio show, I got to sing a lot of songs I like, and I was in two stage plays, “Majisuka Gakuen” and “Kenran to ka Ranman to ka”. And I was chosen for the first time for an AKB senbatsu for the 48th single! I’m thankful to everyone who’s been cheering me on all this time, it’s been a wonderful year. But I’m going to aim even higher! And for the election too, EriEriO! I’ll do my best! Please support me!

Sato Shiori: I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Niigata representative, Sato Shiori. My goal for this year’s election is to rank in. My home prefecture, Niigata, is famous for this salted salmon. Like the salmon swims up the river, I’ll rise up in the election ranks! Putting that feeling into action, I’ll eat this salted salmon. Here goes~ Tasty! I’ll do my best for the election!

Hidaritomo Ayaka: Hello, everyone. I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Yamanashi prefecture representative, Hidaritomo Ayaka. First off, I’d like to introduce myself. Up? Down? Right? Left [hidari]? It’s gotta be… Hidaritomo! I come from Yamanashi prefecture, my name is Hidaritomo Ayaka. Please call me Hidaaya. That’s my self-intro. But I think there are still a lot of people who don’t know who I am, so I want to show you my special talents. My first talent is piano. My second talent is funny faces. My third talent is skating. I want to show you a collaboration between funny faces and skating. Please watch.

Utada Hatsuka: There’s the first day [tsuitachi] and the tenth day [touka], but I’m Hatsuka [20th day]. I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Aichi representative, Utada Hatsuka aka Hatsu. This will be my first election, and someday I want to bring AKB48 to the whole world. This time, Eito-kun will introduce you to the journey of “unification of the whole country” while whistling. Eito-kun, which song are you going to whistle today? “47 no suteki na machi e”! I see! Here he goes. [sign: anyway, I’ll do my best] [sign: everyone who’s kindly supporting me] [sign: we will unify the country] [sign: everyone, please cheer me on]

Yokomichi Yuri: Everyone, good morning! Now, today isn’t Friday and it’s not even morning right now, but let’s train our muscles together in a Muscle Morning! It’s okay if you don’t wanna do squats, you can run a marathon or whatever, anything is fine, just as long as you train your muslces! Now let’s do a corner! This time the game is a word rearrange quiz! You have 5 seconds to solve today’s quiz! [sign: kami mo ine tte iu] Kami mo ine tte iu! Go! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Did you get it? The right answer is: Come watch again! [sign: mou ikkai mite ne] Thank you. It was “come watch again”. Now, at the end, it’s time for the Yokomichi declaration! Ready? “Before your tummy rumbles [guu, aka rock in rock paper scissors], come see Yokomichi with a snip [choki, aka scissors], and then suddenly [paa, aka paper] you’ll be energentic and ready to go! E-le-ction happy! Now let’s go! Yokomichi!” How are you doing, everyone? The hint is…right here! Inside the ‘mi’ character there’s a finger! So it was “rock”! Everyone, see you again! Thank you! See you next time!

Hattori Yuna: Hello, everyone. I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Gifu representative, Hattori Yuna. I’ll do my catchphrase for you now. Ready, go: I come from Gifu prefecture! Ninja Yuna is on the scene! I’m Gifu prefecture representative, 2nd year high schooler, 16 year old Hattori Yuna. Nice to meet you! This will be my 3rd election, and last year 2 members of Team 8 ranked in. So that more and more Team 8 members can rank in, we’ll do our best. Please cheer us on. Now I’ll show you a little of my special talent, playing the trumpet. …Of course, I can’t. Please look forward to the time when I can play it as my special talent! Byebye!

Noda Hinano: I applied for election this time. I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Mie representative, Noda Hinano. I’m not very good at dancing, and I’m a total scatterbrain, but every day I’m surrounded by kind comrades and friends. Little by little, I’m improving. I love sweet things, so I’ll do my best to eat delicious sweets! I better start eating. Here goes~ Delicious!

Hashimoto Haruna: Good afternoon, everyone. I will introduce myself while doing this again this year. I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Toyama representative, Hashimoto Haruna aka Harupyon. This year I’m turning 17 so I hope my body and heart can become perfectly grown up. Last year, I challenged myself to do a lot of things, like being better about answering private mails and doing Showrooms. The fans have given me a lot of opportunities. To me, that stuff is all really fun, so I’d like to continue doing things like that this year too. Also, this is my 4th election, so my feelings are that I hope I can rank in! I’ll do my best! Please cheer me on!

Hirano Hikaru: Good afternoon! I come from Ishikawa prefecture! I’ll sparkle brighter than the waves of the Japan Sea and be a brilliant Team 8 star! I’m Ishikawa prefecture representative, Hirano Hikaru, 14 years old! Please call me Hikarun! I love to sing, so I’ll sing “47 no suteki na machi e” for you! [sings] Thank you very much! I’ll give my all to whatever I do! Please cheer me on!

Chou Kurena: Hello, everyone! I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Fukui representative, Chou Kurena. This year, Team 8 has entered its 4th year! We’ve had a lot of hard times, that’s why this year for sure, I want us to aim for getting ranked! Now I’ll play a song that’s very important to Team 8. [plays & sings “47 no suteki na machi e”] Please cheer us on!

Takahashi Sayaka: Conveying an eloquent voice to you from Japan, I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Nagano representative, Takahashi Sayaka. First, since my catchphrase is “conveying an eloquent voice to you from Japan”, I’ll sing you a song. [sings 365nichi no kamihikouki]. And so, this will be my first election, so I’ll work hard to get you to cheer for me! Everyone, I’m counting on you!

Nagano Serika: Everyone, hello! I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Osaka representative, Nagano Serika! My appeal points are that I’m the one with the whitest skin in Team 8, and my body is limber! I have a lot of confidence when I perform flexibility stunts! For those of you who have never seen my flexibility, please make sure to come to a Team 8 theater show or one of our events! This is my 4th election, so my goal is to get the highest rank among Team 8! I’ve done plays and a lot of things this past year, so I’ll work towards my goal without giving up! Everyone, please keep cheering me on! Thank you!

Ota Nao: Everyone, hello! I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Kyoto representative, Ota Nao! This year I’ve applied for the election again! Honestly, I was considering whether I should apply or not, but as long as there’s a chance, I don’t want to give up, so I ended up applying. For this election, I can deepen the bonds with my fans, and get more people to know about me! I want to end it on this great atmosphere! I’m not great at this stuff. As for an appeal comment, this year I got to eat my favorite meat. And of course my favorite food is my mom’s homemade hamburger! Today, somehow, my mom made it special for me! Thank you, mom! Look at this, everyone! She made this for me! I’m gonna eat this for good luck. This year will definitely be okay! Here goes~ Eh? You haven’t eaten yet? You want a bite? Aah- Now I ate and everything’s perfect. This year for sure, I know it’ll end well! This was everyone’s idol, Ota Nao!

Yamada Nanami: I’m AKB48 Team 8/Team A’s Yamada Nanami. This March, I graduated high school. I’ve been focused solely on AKB. This year’s Yamada Nanami is different. [sign: unranked] Ow!

Yamamoto Ruka: Everyone, hello! I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Wakayama representative, Yamamoto Ruka!

Onishi Momoka: Hello, everyone. I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Nara representative, Onishi Momoka. At my birthday show last year, I said that I definitely want to rank in at the election this year, so now I want to defeat the space between me and ranking in. Get ready, you jerk! I won’t give up! Everyone, please support me!

Hama Sayuna: I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Chiba representative, Hama Sayuna. This spring, somehow, I became a high school student! Now that I’m a JK [joshikousei, female high schooler], I want to show you my election goal. Tada~ J! I want to jump! K! In this year’s [kotoshi] election! I’ll do my best! Team 8’s Hama Sayuna is a high schooler! Please cheer me on! Byebye~

Nakano Ikumi: I’m AKB48 Team 8/Team K’s Nakano Ikumi aka Ikumin! This year marks the 4th year I’ve been in Team 8 and I don’t want to lose to either my seniors or my teammates! That’s why my goal this year is to rank a high 33rd! Tottori is famous for its beef ramen, so to convey my burning hot feelings to you all, I’ll eat a bowl of burning hot ramen! Here goes!

Abe Mei: Hi, I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Shimane representative, Abe Mei. This time for my appeal video I want to do 3 things. First, I want to show you what I’m good at. I can bend my thumb backward. Second, show my my charm point. It’s my profile. A lot of people have told me this year that I’m cute in profile, so I made it my charm point. The third thing is, this year I’ve been streaming videos solo, and some of you might have realized already, but this is the uniform I wear while I do that. This ponytail too – I stream as a JK [female high school student]. Please check it out. And lastly, I absolutely want to rank in at this year’s election. Everyone, please cheer me on!

Hitomi Kotone: Everyone, hello. I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Okayama representative, Hitomi Kotone. Thank you so much for always supporting me. My dream is to be a model, and so far I’ve participated in 3 fashion shows. I feel like I’m getting closer to my dream, and I have a lot of memories. But going forward, I want to challenge myself to do even more things. What would help me take a huge step towards that is my goal right now, which is to rank into the election. And to change my outlook on things, I cut my hair short this spring! I will keep going forward without giving up, so please support me.

Shitao Miu: Hello! I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Yamaguchi representative, Shitao Miu! Good afternoon! This year I’m participating in the election again. Did you all realize? In last year’s appeal comment, I didn’t have these bangs. I grew some! This is a photo from around the election last year. But you all like it better the way it is now, right? We don’t need this anymore, right? Don’t need it! From here on, I’m going to challenge myself even more! Everyone, do you like me for doing that? Thank you very much! I’m glad you like me. Please become even more of a Miu fan! Please cheer me on. Byebye~

Gyoten Yurina: Everyone, hello. I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Kagawa prefecture representative, Gyoten Yurina. This year, the catchprase on my poster is “I want a good challenge!” This year I graduated high school and turned 18, so I’ve passed through an important door. Also, it’s been 3 years since I joined Team 8. So even more people learn who I am, I’ll be streaming jav videos with this Pachipachi-kun! So I can challenge myself even more from now on, I want to keep opening up opportunities for myself! I’ll do my best to challenge myself, so please cheer me on!

Takaoka Kaoru: Everyone, hello! I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Ehime representative, Takaoka Kaoru. I know this is sudden, but to help you remember me, I’ll do my catchphrase! Smilerunrun, runbarubna no Kaorunba! Hello, with sweat and blood and lots of love, I’m Takaoka Kaoru, 16 years old from Ehime prefecture! I’m a high schooler! Nice to meet you! So please remember me! This time I’ll do my best to rank in!

Hirose Natsuki: Hello. I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Kochi representative, Hirose Natsuki. Thank you so much to all my fans who have been supporting me. This year I’ve announced candidacy for the election again. I turned 20 this year, so I’ve moved from my teens to my twenties. I hope I can be a more adult [otona] Natsuki – an Otonatsuki! I want to leave an imprint through the Team 8 activities I do. And I want to give my thanks to the fans once the votes are tallied up. Please cheer me on.

Yoshida Karen: Hello everyone, I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Fukuoka representative, Yoshida Karen. This will be my 2nd election, and in order to bring about a Yoshida Karen revolution, I’ll be challenging myself on various things. This time, I’ll try to catch a marshmallow in my mouth. I’ll do my best! Byebye~

Terada Misaki: I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Nagasaki representative, Terada Misaki. I’ll do my catchphrase now~ Ready, go: Yuugasaki, Migasaki, and… Thank you. I’ve been learning to play basketball, so I thought I’d spin the ball while doing my appeal. This year will be my first election, so my main goal is to have fun. I’ll do my best. Thank you!

Kuranoo Narumi: Everyone, good afternoon! I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Kumamoto representative, Kuranoo Narumi! I’ve joined the election again this year! Last year you gave me the rank of 34th and I am so thankful for that. I was able to spend a fun and fulfilling year because of it. That’s why, for this election, my goal is…senbatsu! To get into senbatsu is something I’ve always wanted, but this time I thought I’d aim high and set my goal for senbatsu. If I’m able to make it to senbatsu, I want to do an AKB theater live in Kumamoto! Everyone, let’s do our best! Please support me!

Yamada Kyoka: I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Oita representative, Yamada Kyoka. You might not have been able to see it well, but my special talent is cartwheels. It hasn’t been long since I joined Team 8, but I want to try out a lot of new things, so please cheer me on. And please remember who I am! Byebye~

Yaguchi Moka: Everyone, hello! I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Miyazaki representative, Yaguchi Moka. It’s been 3 years since I joined Team 8. And in those 3 years I’ve become a high school student! So I thought about that a bit. [sign: awaken in 2nd year of high school] Tada~ I think I’ll awaken in my 2nd year of high school! Right now I’m a 1st year. So what am I doing now? Tada~ [sign: preparing to awaken] I’m in a prepartory phase to awaken! And what does that really mean? Well, for now, it’s a secret. But right now, the most important thing is popularity [sign: popularity]. Get people to know my name. My name is Yaguchi Moka. I know it looks like Taniguchi, but it’s Yaguchi. Nothing I can do about that. So try to remember my name. I’m Moka, and when you think of Mocha, you think of coffee! Right now, I’ll drink coffee for the first time ever. It’s black. It’s delicious.

Shimoaoki Karin: Everyone, good afternoon. Our black pig, black cattle, and Jidori chicken are delicious! I’m Kagoshima prefecture’s representative, Shimoaoki Karin aka “the world is Shimoaoki!” I say “the world is Shimoaoki” because this will be my 4th election, but I haven’t once ranked in. Last year when my teammates ranked in, I felt impatient and disappointed for myself, and thought that this year I will absolutely rank in no matter what. I say that, but I’ll work hard to become a world-renowned idol. I want to grab this election as an opportunity to help do that. So everyone, please cheer me on! This has been “The world’s Shimoaoki”, Shimoaoki Karin.

Miyazato Rira: Everyone, [in Okinawan] hi there! I’m AKB48 Team 8’s Okinawa representative, Miyazato Rira aka Ranrii. Somehow, this year the election is taking place in my hometown of Okinawa! So I will now introduce to you the Okinawan foods that I recommend! First, I would like to introduce to you this cheese bit! These are extremely popular as souveniers in Okinawa and the Okinawans love them as a snack. They’re kind of like a cookie, crunchy and crisp, and very delicious. Next up is these brown, round balls. They’re called Sata Andagi. Okinawans fry these in oil, and when they’re done the outside is crisp and the inside is fluffy. They’re really delicious, and we’d always eat them for our 3 o’clock snack. Now I’ll introduce you to my very favorite Okinawan food, which is this Okinawan soba! I’ll try taking a bite. Here goes. Mmm, so delicious! Everyone, please cheer Ranrii on! Byebye~

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AKB48 2017 Election Appeal Videos – AKB48 Research Students

Kubo Satone: Hi – like fluffy cotton candy, I want to be a sweet girl. I’m Kubo Satone. I joined AKB in the 2nd draft conference. This year it will have been 2 years. These past 2 years I’ve been center a lot and I was even chosen as a senbatsu member for the 48th single. My goal for the election this year is to rank in. I want to work hard together with my fans towards the goal of ranking in. Also, in Okinawa, I want to hear my name ring out. I’m counting on you!

Nomura Nao: I’m AKB48 Team K’s 2nd draft draftee Nomura Nao. This time I applied for candidacy to change the future. The truth is… I’m really an alien from the future! I come from the same planet as Mariyannu-san. Among so many graduations of my seniors, I kept thinking how I can’t stay the same and I have to change. So I want to change my own future and the future of AKB! Recently, I’ve been telling my fans that I’m currently poised for a huge leap. And I think now is the time for that leap! On June 17, 2017, will we see Nomura make that leap? Please cheer me on!

Nishikawa Rei: Hello, everyone. I’m AKB48 Team B’s draft research student, Nishikawa Rei. Last year, I had my first experience with the election. And I firmly felt that it is no easy task to stand on that stage. Hard work isn’t enough. If I don’t capture the hearts of many fans, I won’t be able to rank in. I’m currently restricted to doing shows at the AKB theater. And it would make me happiest if you all value my performances there. That’s why I wanted to show you all what I look like when I perform onstage. I joined AKB48 on 5/10 two years ago. It’s already been two years. I want the third year to be one where I become a person able to capture the hearts of fans and make great leaps forward. Please cheer on Nishikawa Rei. Byebye.

Yamabe Ayu: I’m Team B’s draft research student Yamabe Ayu. I want to do a performance for you. Here goes. [sings Shonichi] Dreams are flowers born gradually of persperation. That effort will surely never betray you. Dreams are buds awaking from perspiration, waiting patiently to put out sprouts, until someday, surely, our dreams come true. Thank you very much. I’ll keep performing with my entire soul. I hope you’ll walk [ayumu] with Ayu toward her dreams. Thank you very much! I’m counting on you!

Chiba Erii: Hi, I’m AKB48 Team 4’s draft research student Chiba Erii. I’ve recently been streaming live every morning from 5:30am and I do something I call “Erii’s Random Birthday Month Fortune-telling”. And I do it with no makeup on. If you want some quick idol therapy, come to Erii’s room. Even just once, everyone, please come have fun too. Until the election, I’ll work my very hardest, so please cheer me on.

Asai Nanami: Good afternoon, everyone. I’m AKB48 16th generation research student Asai Nanami. And I love to sing, so I’ll sing 365nichi no kamihikouki. [singing it] Life is like a paper airplane, flying along upon wishes. Fighting through the wind with all its might just to move forward. Rather than try to fly further than anyone else, where and how to fly are the most important things to consider, so I’ll do what my heart says 365 days of the year. For my first ever election, I hope you all can learn who I am. I’m counting on you! That’s all from AKB48 16th generation research student Asai Nanami aka Naamin.

Inagaki Kaori: Everyone, hello. I’m AKB48 16th generation research student Inagaki Kaori. This will be the first time I’m participating in the AKB48 election. I’m not very good at singing, dancing or talking, so I don’t have many options for making an appeal. I’ll work hard to become someone who can think of myself as someone people should support. And I want to become the type of idol who cherishes the people who support her. I’ll try hard to sparkle like the Okinawan sea. Finally, I want to show you my special talent, quick finger snapping. Here goes~ That’s it. Thank you very much.

Umemoto Izumi: I’m AKB48 16th generation research student Umemoto Izumi. I took the AKB48 audition as a chance to change myself. For the past 18 years, I’ve never been someone who could get engrossed with a dream. That’s why I took the AKB48 audition last year, to change who I am and to find a dream I can get excited about. I’m shy and I’m not great at dancing, but I love working as an AKB48 member. With my participation in the election this year, I hope that more people can remember my name. Everyone, please cheer me on.

Kurosu Haruka: I’m AKB48 16th generation research student Kurosu Haruka aka Haa-chan. My special talent is magic, and I’ll perform some for you now. First, I’ll put this cloth in this glass. Then I’ll cover it with another cloth. Then I’ll close it up with a rubber band. Now when I say the magic words, something amazing will happen: one, two, three… somehow, from underneath, a cloth has appeared! Ta-da. It says “Kurosu – I’ll do my best!” This is my first election and I’m still a research student, but I’m aiming to rank in and I’ll work hard towards it, so please cheer me on! Thank you!

Sato Minami: Good afternoon. I’m AKB48 16th generation research student Sato Minami. Right now, I really don’t have anything going for me and nothing to show, and I’m truly terrible at dancing, but someday I want to rank in and get a trophy. And someday I want to aim for and rank into senbatsu and become an admired member. And after I’ve ranked into senbatsu, I want to rank 1st so I can become a sparkling version of myself like this. This is my first election and I’m nervous, so please take care of me everyone. Byebye~

Shoji Nagisa: Good afternoon, everyone. I’m AKB48 16th generation research student, hailing from Hokkaido and 16 years old, Shoji Nagisa aka Nagyu. This election will be my first election, so I’m very nervous. But I will follow my seniors and learn all I can from them, and I would be glad if more people could learn my name. Also, I have a dream. That dream is to be a member who can contribute to AKB in a meaningful way. In order to realize that dream someday, I’ll take it step by step every day. Please watch over me. Finally, my special talent is cheerleading, so I’ll show you a bit now.

Suzuki Kurumi: Hi! When I say Kuru, you say Runrun! Always energetic Kuru…Runrun! Thank you. I was born in Tokyo, I’m a 1st year middle schooler and I’m 12 years old. I’m Suzuki Kurumi aka Kururun. Today, I drew a picture! Can you tell what this is? Everyone, take a guess. Thinking time, start! Ta-da! It’s a seal. Why a seal? It’s because I sign my name with it. The thing I’m best at drawing is a seal. I know it’s pretty bad, but it’s really the best thing I can do. Though some people tell me it looks like a mullet fish, and maybe if I get to practice sometime I can draw something that really looks like one. Well, my drawings may suck, but I’m going to face the election with a smile and I hope you’ll remember my face and name! This was 16th generation research student Suzuki Kurumi!

Taguchi Manaka: Hi! I’m AKB48 16th generation research student Taguchi Manaka. I’m sure there are those of you watching this who are thinking “who is this girl?” That’s why I’ll tell you about some of my characteristics! First: I love comedy! Especially when comedians imitate old famous entertainers. Second: I used to be an AKB48 fan! I’ve loved AKB ever since I was a first year in elementary school, and I’ve gone to tons of events. Also, this is the first time I’ll be participating in the election. I think “positive is best” so I want to put my soul into it this time! Eating katsudon for the win! [katsu = win] Byebye!

Taya Misaki: Hi! I’m AKB48 16th generation research student Taya Misaki aka Tacchan. This time is the first election I’ll be participating in! I expect it to be a hard struggle, so I’m going to put passion into singing a song for you. [sings Green Flash] Before twilight turns into night, I’ll set aside today’s sadness. Even a little, taking the long way is fine, there might be good things tomorrow. I’m going to give it all I’ve got so please cheer me on!

Nagatomo Ayami: Hi, I’m AKB48 16th generation research student Nagatomo Ayami. I ran for election this year in hopes that a few more people will learn my face and name. Since our debut, about a month ago we 16th gen members were allowed to do an exclusive concert, and there we received the spirit of the fans and learned how much fun singing and dancing really are. Thank you. I love smiling faces, so if I can make a lot of people smile at theater performances and handshake events, I would be happy. That’s why I wanna become the new leader of smiles. I’m really excited for my first election, so please cheer me on, everyone!

Harima Nanami: Everyone, hello. I’m AKB48 16th generation research student Harima Nanami. It’s unexpected, but right now I’ll eat a gummy. It’s really fresh and delicious. Just like this gummy, I’ll try hard to be fresh! I’ll work hard!

Honma Mai: Hi, born in Tokyo and currenly in 3rd year of middle school, I’m AKB48 16th generation research student Honma Mai. Thank you for watching my appeal comment. There are probably a lot of people seeing me for the first time. I’d be happy if you remember me as Mai-chan who loves pickled plums. Right now, I’m treasuring the fans, my seniors and the staff and performing research student stages at the Akihabara theater. Thank you for always supporting us. I still have a long way to go with dance and I’m still inexperienced, but I applied for the election in hopes that more people will learn about me. I’m just a research student now, but I’ll work hard so that two or three years from now I can shine with the help of my fans. Please cheer me on. Byebye~

Maeda Ayaka: I’m AKB48 16th generation research student Maeda Ayaka. Right now I’m appearing in the 16th generation research student performances at the theater. Now I want to tell you about 3 ways I’ve grown since joining AKB48. [sign: 3 ways I’ve grown] First up is: my expressions have gotten better [sign: better expressions] This goes for performances but also my reactions during MCs have gotten bigger. Second is developing stamina! [sign: developing stamina] Before, I had no stamina and I would get tired even after a little physical activity. Recently I’ve even developed some muscle and I can go all-out during performances. Third, my attitude has improved. [sign: improved attitude] Before I joined AKB, I was aware that my attitude wasn’t that great, but after joining I was more careful about it and lately it’s gotten a lot better. Also, I was chosen to be in an AKB costume photo book. Back when I was a fan, I always waited impatiently for these books to come out so I was very surprised to actually be in one of them. It made me super, super happy. I’m still an amateur, but I want to keep giving my all and grow without stopping. I also want my personality to come out a bit more. I’ll work hard so Maeda Ayaka is the one you think of when you think of “AKB48’s Maeda”. [sign: AKB48’s Maeda -> Maeda Ayaka] Please cheer me on. Thank you for watching until the end!

Michieda Saki: I think you might not know who I am yet, so I’ll do my self-introduction and catchphrase. [sign: AKB48 16th gen research student. 13 years old, nickname Sakipon. 2nd year middle school. Michieda Saki] When I ask “is there anything else?” you say “Sakipon!” When you think of words with –pon, there’s dekopon, ponzu, and is there anything else? Thank you! I come from Kanagawa, I’m 13 years old, my name is Michieda Saki aka Sakipon. This is my first election, and I’ll do my best to face it with a smile. Thank you very much.

Mutou Orin: Hi, I’m AKB48 16th generation research student Mutou Orin. I have 2 special talents. The first is hip-hop dance, and the second is karate. When I was a 4th year in elementary school, won at an All-Japan full-contact karate championship. Today I’ll show you some karate! Here goes. My goal is to rank in! The 16th generation will move AKB48! Please cheer me on! That’s all from Mutou Orin!

Yasuda Kana: I’m AKB48 16th generation research student Yasuda Kana aka Kanabun. This year we had an exclusive concert and we’ve been performing at the theater. We’ve had a lot of firsts, and we’ve learned a lot. This will be the first election for me. I’ll do a little self-introduction here so you can learn a bit more about me. I come from Saitama, I’m a 1st year high schooler and I’m 15 years old. I’m not that good at singing or talking, but I do have confidence in dancing. I’ll do my best so more people remember my face and name this election. Last, I’ll show you my special talent, acrobatics. Here goes~ Please cheer me on!

Yamauchi Mizuki: Hi! When I say “lucky” you say “Zukkii!” I’m counting on you! Today everyone is lucky…Zukkii! Thank you. I’m from Tokyo, 1st year high schooler, 15 years old, Yamauchi Mizuki aka Zukkii! This is my first election, so I’m really excited. Because it’s my first one, I’m aiming to rank in. The reason for that is that I don’t want to waste this opportunity, and even though I’m a 16th gen research student, one day I want to be someone who leads AKB. I want to get more people excited about AKB48. I still have a long way to go, but I’d be happy if you cheer me on! Last, I’ll have a bit of playing cute time! Okay. Playing cute time is something I do on my SHOWROOM every time, so try to aim for the right timing to take a screenshot. Here goes! Three, two, one! That’s all! Thank you! Please cheer me on!

Yamane Suzuha: Good afternoon, everyone. I’m AKB48 16th generation research student Yamane Suzuha. I’m nervous for my first election, but I want to aim with all of you to rank in. Also, I’ll convey my energy and love over to you! Convey! I’m Yamane Suzuha! Thank you! I love you all! Thank you for everything! Convey! I’ll do my best!

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AKB48 2017 Election Appeal Videos – Team B

Kato Rena: Huh? Where are you looking? Over there? [acchi] Over here? [kocchi] Renacchi! x3
Hi, I’m AKB48 Team B’s Kato Rena aka Renacchi! My goal for this year’s election is…Next?…Under…?…Senbatsu! I’m counting on you all to cheer me on again this year!

Goto Moe: Good afternoon, everyone. Everyone’s best smiler, Moekyun! I’m Team B’s Goto Moe aka Moekyun. The election this year will be my 4th one, and this time I was the first one to submit candidacy! This year I’ve had a lot of firsts: the first time I went overseas for a location shoot, the first time I played a role on Team Okonomi in the Majisuka Gakuen stage play. I had a lot of experiences. And I became a high school student this year. I want to show you a bunch of different sides of myself so I chose this outfit because it was cool. I want to show you cool and cute costumes and many different expressions of mine. Also, I want to turn this year into one where I express my thanks to all of you, so I’ll work hard to do that. My goal for the election is Undergirls! I know it’s a very high bar to set, but I’ll do my very best and never give up until it’s over. Thanks for watching this video to the end. That’s all from Goto Moe aka Moekyun!

Takeuchi Miyu: Everyone, it’s been a long time. Three years since I last joined the election. I’m Takeuchi Miyu. I’ll do a short self-introduction. I’m a 21 year old college student and a 9th generation AKB member in Team B. Like I said, it’s been 3 years since I joined the election. It would get too long if I were to explain the reason “why 3 years?”, but I’ve written quite a bit about this on SNS so please check it out. Let’s see, if you were to ask me what I’ve been doing these past few years, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do and what I want to be. I used to be worried about what the results of participation would be, but now I’m really optimistic about it. I just have one really big dream and another dream after that: the first one is that I want to write an AKB song myself, and the second is that I want to arrange some of AKB’s popular songs myself for everyone to listen to. I’m currently doing a lot of “desktop music”, where I write songs on a computer, so I’d like a lot of people to hear what I’ve been doing. And I hope we can all have fun with the election this year. Thank you, everyone.

Tatsuya Makiho: I’m AKB48 Team B’s Tatsuya Makiho aka Maki-chan. This time will be my 4th election. The last times, unfortunately, I was unable to rank in, but this time I applied with stronger intentions. The third time, my dream was just to rank in, but this time I’m aiming for the 65th spot, the center of Upcoming girls. I’ll do everything I can to work toward that ranking. This costume I’m wearing is from Kibouteki Refrain’s coupling song that I was in. It’s a costume from 3 years ago, so at the time I was still a 1st year middle schooler. And now I’m a 1st year in high school. I’ve grown up, and I’d be glad if you could all see me like that. Anyway, I’ll do my best! This was AKB48 Team B’s Tatsuya Makiho aka Maki-chan.

Fukuoka Seina: I’m AKB48 Team B’s Fukuoka Seina aka Sei-chan. My goal for this year’s election is Undergirls. The reason for that is because now that I’ve turned 17, I won’t always be fresh. I think this is just the right age to seriously fight for this. The costume I’m wearing right now is from High Tension’s coupling song Osaekirenai Shoudou where I was able to stand as center and received 25th at Request Hour. Thank you very much! Last year, I was given so many opportunities and this year I want to team up with you all to grab new ones! Please cheer me on!

Macharin: Everyone, hello. I’m AKB48 Team B’s Macharin. From last year’s election through this year, I’ve been in magazines, been an image character in a game, been on music shows, attended fan meetings, and done so many different things. My goals have also increased. But I’m still not good enough for them, or so I feel. I want to see the scenery from higher up. I want to have a lot more work. So I’ve made one goal for myself. That is to become everyone’s sun! I want to warmly shine upon all of you. Please support me. This was Macharin.

Watanabe Mayu: Everyone, good afternoon. I’m AKB48 Team B’s Watanabe Mayu. I…this year…this is finally…the last election I’ll be applying for. The last one, and I’ve been in all of them ever since the first one, which was 9 years ago… Ever since the first election, I’ve consistently ranked into Kami7. I’m the only member who was able to maintain that, and I’m very thankful for it. That I’ve been able to stay in AKB like this and consistently rank into Kami7 is all thanks to the fans who have been supporting me all these years. I want to seriously face this and thank those fans as a Kami7 member with pride in my heart this year, too. Of course, my number one goal is to be Number One. I want to create the legend of being the only member to never drop from Kami7 ever since the beginning and go out as #1. That’s the final evidence I want to leave of my career as an AKB member. Everyone, please cheer me on!

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AKB48 2017 Election Appeal Videos – Team K

Ichikawa Manami: I’m AKB48 Team K’s Ichikawa Manami. There might be people watching this appeal comment who don’t know who I am, so I’ll do a simple self-introduction. Here’s my name, my Team, and my birthday. I was born on August 26th and right now I’m 17 years old. My hobbies are manga, anime and games. Recently my manga collection grew to over 1000 volumes – I have a lot of manga at home. Also, my favorite job to do is performing at the theater. I use SNS, a blog and video sites, but I like the theater most where I can see you all in person. Last month, for the first time since I joined the group, I was able to perform in the first performance of a theater show. This costume is part of that stage, from the solo I was chosen to perform. Finally, my motto is “100% is even better than 100 points”, so I hope you will all support me as I give 100% to this year’s election. This was AKB48 Team K’s Ichikawa Manami.

Shinozaki Ayana: I’m AKB48 Team K’s Shinozaki Ayana. At the election two years ago, you all gave me the wonderful ranking of 78th. It was the first time I ranked in. Last year, my ranking ended up being 94th, so this year I definitely want to rank in again and stand on that stage once more. At the 13th generation performance at the beginning of the year, I played the part of a young servant [shoudou], so that’s what I’m dressed as now. And I wrote the characters for “fight” [shoubu] so I’ll write those with a brush pen again now. Here goes. I’m done. Ta-da! “Shoubu”! I’ll definitely win this fight and stand on the stage again! I have to do this! This was Shinozaki Ayana. Byebye.

Shimada Haruka: [nameplate: YUNBO Shimada] Hey! What are you doin’?! Are you even listenin’?! You bastard! I ain’t heard of no appeal comment! What am I even supposed to do?! Guess I have no choice. I’ll turn back to idol Shimada in a jiffy, since I got no choice! I’m puttin’ the water in! And the cup too! Just a minute! “You have 15 seconds left!” Ah, crap. Costume, gimme the costume! [nameplate: Shimada Haruka] Hi, good afternoon. I’m AKB48’s Shimada Haruka. Please support me!

Shimoguchi Hinana: I’m AKB48 Team K’s Shimoguchi Hinana. In my appeal comment this time, there’s something I want to tell everyone. I wanna shine even brighter! I wanna be more noticeable! I want you all to see more of me! More, more, more! And so my goal for this election is to be the center of Future Girls, 49th! But even more than that, I just want to rank in. Until now, there have been a lot of tough and sad things, but the fans have always supported me. I’ll never forget that. Please keep supporting me. Thank you very much. And now I’m off! But let’s do this together. To the top!

Tano Yuka: Everyone, hello. I’m AKB48 Team K’s Tano Yuka. At last year’s election, it was the first time I didn’t even rank in, but I took it optimistically and have been putting my nose to the grindstone. Well, last year as well as this year, I’ve been doing plays and work outside of AKB, and I think all of that has helped me level up. I ran for election this year in hopes I can rank in again, so please cheer for me, everyone. This was Tano Yuka.

Fujita Nana: I’m AKB48 Team K’s Fujita Nana. Actually, this year I didn’t choose to participate in the election until the last second. I received a lot of comments and letters from fans, and consulted a lot with the people around me, and in the end I decided to make a decision my future self wouldn’t regret. So I decided that while I’m in AKB, I should do things that I can only do in AKB, and I applied for the election. Thank you very much to everyone who’s always supporting me. Let’s take everything at our own pace and move forward like that. I believe there is nothing that goes to waste in life, so please also believe in yourselves, smile, and move forward! I’m counting on you this year again!

Minegishi Minami: I told you all a lie. I’m AKB48 Team K’s Minegishi Minami. Last year, I said it would be my last election, but here I am sitting here again. I should shave my head in apology, but I don’t want to cause more trouble for AKB so I won’t. As for why I said that last year would be my final election, it’s because I wanted to end my AKB career cleanly. However, now that I’m the last 1st gen standing, my thinking has changed. My 1st gen peers such as Maeda Atsuko, Takahashi Minami, and Kojima Haruna only graduated after they were satisfied with the mark they had left. In that regard, I want to show you that I’m unabashedly staying in the group to find what I can do for it. I might not be who I want to be in the group right now, but no matter what result I get, I will stand on the stage and show a cool and sportsmanlike face worthy of AKB. I, Minegishi Minami, will not worry too much about my ranking, and fight to the end! Please cheer me on! [sign] I want senbatsu.

Mukaichi Mion: Hi, I’m AKB48 Team K’s Mukaichi Mion aka Miion. I love AKB so much that for this year’s appeal I want to make a speech using every title of AKB’s singles! The allotted time will be 1 minute! Ready, start! My goal this year is, basically, Kami7. I want to be an idol you wanted to come see [aitakatta]. Well, I’m 19, so it’s still the age where my school uniform is in the way [seifuku ga jama wo suru], but I want you to call me Team K[eibetsu shiteita aijou]’s ace. I’ll dance nimb[ingo]ly because you all are my sun [boku no taiyou] and I would love if you called me your sunset [yuuhi]. What I need right now is…romance? Ah, I don’t need that [romance, irane]. By the way, how much longer do I have? “20 seconds”. Ah, uh-oh, not a lot of time. Wow, there are a lot of singles. A lot goes on in life, and there are a lot of singles too. Ah, aren’t I in a high position right now [shuza]? It’s always eternal pressure. This has gone on so long, I wanna do a sayonara crawl. Yeah, I like Koi suru fortune cookie a lot. And Heart ereki! Suzukake no ki no michi ni kimi no hohoemi wo mite shimattara bo-

Mogi Shinobu: I’ll mogimogi your heart. I’m Team K’s Mogi Shinobu aka Mogi-chan. This year I decided to run for election! 2 years ago I was 57th and last year I was 47th. I was able to rank in thanks to all you fans – I was so happy, thank you very much. However, this past year I wasn’t chosen to be on music shows and I didn’t appear on the singles or coupling songs very much. Every member in AKB is aiming for a different thing, but I personally am aiming to be in as many music videos and music shows as possible while I’m an AKB member. To make that come true and rank in again is the reason I decided to join the election this year. I’m reaching high – my goal is Undergirls. In February, I turned 20, so on the occasion I rank in, I’d like to toast you all with this! Please support me!

Yumoto Ami: I’m AKB48 Team K’s 19 year old Yumoto Ami. Ever since last year’s election, I was in a number of things such as the Majisuka Gakuen stage play, some dance work, and I got 2nd place in the Rock Paper Scissors tournament last year. I also play a role in Tofu Pro Wrestling, which is currently airing. This year, there were a lot of chances for fans to see me in things. That’s why I hope we can rally after the preliminary annoucements and be able to cry happy tears in Okinawa. Please cheer me on. This was Yumoto Ami.

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AKB48 2017 Election Appeal Videos – Team A

Oya Shizuka: I’m AKB48 Team A’s Oya Shizuka. This year I’m running for election again. Every year, I run for election with the hopes of ranking in, but this year I want to rank in more than ever. The reason why is because at the Kouhaku ranking at the end of last year, I somehow, unbelievably, managed to rank in at #12. Since then, I was chosen for senbatsu for Shoot Sign and Negaigoto no Mochigusare. Me, Oya Shizuka, who was always at research student status, has been on the receiving end of such an unexpected miracle as being chosen for senbatsu twice in a row. I have strong feelings of not wanting to waste this chance to rank in at election. When I ranked in at the NHK senbatsu, people told me “it’s not because you’re popular, it’s just because you’re well-known”. I really want to see that assumption overturned, so I want to rank in more than ever before. Everyone, please aim along with me for rank-in at the election. Please cheer me on! This was Oya Shizuka.

Kojima Natsuki: Good afternoon, everyone. I’m AKB48 Yokoyama Team A’s Kojima Natsuki aka Nattsun. Right, last year and the year before that, in the preliminary ranking, we were able to hear my name called. This year for sure! I want to hear my name called and rank in at the real event! And this year we’re going to Okinawa! So look what I’m wearing! Ta-da! When you think of Okinawa, you think of the ocean, and when you think of the ocean you think of mermaids! So I dressed up as a mermaid princess! Last, I’ll give you an Okinawan goodbye while I do a sexy pose! Here goes~ Byebye!

Sasaki Yukari: I’m AKB48 Team A’s Sasaki Yukari. Rank 47. Rank 50. Rank 38. I have so many, I’m very grateful. And as always, thank you very much. My goal this election is to make it to Undergirls. Let’s go! Yeah!

Takita Kayoko: I’m AKB48 Team A’s Takita Kayoko aka Kayoyon. This election will be my 4th one. In all the elections previous to this one, unfortunately, I was unable to rank in, but this year I’m fired up to rank in even more than usual. This has been quite a fulfilling year for me, personally. I got to perform in a lot of stages and I achieved my goal of getting more people to come to my booth at handshake events. I think I was able to deepen the bonds with my fans even more this year, and I hope that can translate to ranking in during the election. I also turned 20 this year, a year the young members don’t want to think about. But I can’t be coddled anymore; we older members have to lead AKB48. And to support that feeling, it would be nice to rank in. I have a lot of talents, and one of them is drawing. So I thought it would be cool to use it to appeal to you guys even more. I’m aiming! To rank in!

Taniguchi Megu: I’m AKB48 Yokoyama Team A’s Taniguchi Megu. Last year, thanks to all the fans who support me, I was able to rank in at 69th! I was seriously so happy! However, since ranking in, I’ve been unable to pay back the debt I owe to my fans, and every time I thought of it I felt frustrated. Honestly, the election scares me. Every year, I get nervous around this time. But trust me when I say that the choice to run away from the election was never one I considered. I won’t run away from the chance every member has to rank in, so I decided to participate assertively. My goal this year is to rank into Undergirls. I know better than anyone that that’s a very tough goal for me right now. However, I want to rank into Undergirls as a stepping stone to eventually rank into senbatsu. Everyone, please cheer me on.

Nakanishi Chiyori: I’m AKB48 Team A’s Nakanishi Chiyori. Last year, during the preliminaries, I ranked in at wonderful 47th. At that time, I was so happy I shed tears of joy, but at the actual event I kept thinking “where will I be? Won’t I be there?” with such anxiety. And in the end I wasn’t called, but after that I found out I was ranked 91st. I was really happy, but I kept feeling if only it were 11 places higher… That’s why, this year, definitely! I’m filled with feelings of wanting to smash through that wall and rank in! My soul is written right here, can you see it? [sign: X through ‘unranked’] I’ll go over there. This is my soul. See it? This is my soul.

Hiwatashi Yui: I’m AKB48 Team A’s Hiwatashi Yui aka Hiwatan! Everyone, hello! Right, to start off, I’ll show you my usual hobby and impersonate a schoolteacher. Here goes. Oww~ I bumped into the [??]. Do you know what I just bumped into? What I bumped into was over here. I had your full attention, so you were looking over here at me. Okay, that’s all. This is my second election. Last year, my goal was to have fun, and I achieved it. But this year, I applied with the intention to rank in! I’ll do my best to deliver everyone who supports me my brightest smile on June 17th! Let’s do our best to work towards our dreams! Please cheer me on again this year! Byebye!

Miyazaki Miho: I’m AKB48’s Miyazaki Miho. This year I applied for the election again. And once again, this year the venue is a long-distance trip, to Okinawa this time. And I’m really looking forward to going to Okinawa with all of you. Everyone, please start getting your beach bods ready! On the day of, make sure to put sunscreen on, spin your towels around and cheer me on!

Yokoyama Yui: I’m AKB48’s group general manager Yokoyama Yui. I want to say the election is what it is, and I want to hurry up and say that, but before that I want to convey to you my feelings about this year’s election. I feel a lot of momentous things have happened in the 48 Group this past year. That’s why I think this year’s election is also important. I want to say the election is what it is. But I’m honestly afraid of the election. I’m especially afraid of people thinking “She’s the general manager, but this is all the ranking she can get?”. And if they were to say “She’s awfully high and mightly to be fine with this ranking even though it’s low”, it pains me to admit it, but they’re absolutely right. I want to say the election is what it is. But, even so, I want to show everyone that I’m standing and facing it. I’ll do my very best, and I won’t be ashamed if my ranking falls. Also, during the member entrance, someone’s nameplate will definitely be upside-down.

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AKB48 2017 Election Appeal Videos – Team 4

Iino Miyabi: I’m AKB48 Team 4’s Iino Miyabi. This year, I’m running for election. Last year, my dream of ranking into the preliminary ranking couldn’t come true. This year, I’m turning 20 years old. The first time I entered the election, I was 16. So this year, I applied with the will of a 20 year old adult. I hope you’ll watch over me taking my first steps as an adult. Please cheer me on!

Iwatate Saho: Everyone, Ya~ho~ Suddenly, it’s starting! Sahho’s Scallop Answer Corner. This time, I’ll be answering some questions you’ve sent in. Let’s start with a letter from “I wanna do voice training-san”: “When Sahho orders from a menu at a restaurant, does she give her order too fast?” Hehe, I wonder which it is? The answer is: to~oo sl~ow. The next question is from “Scallops really are the best-san”: “Which train station lunches are you interested in lately?” Station lunches? As far as station lunches go, Okinawa has one from Tsubogawa station. It has things like sashimi, tempura, and a lot of things you can’t eat anywhere but Okinawa. I’m super interested in it, and I really want to eat it! Next question, from [???]: “I hear the election is in Okinawa this year? Will Sahho be in it?” Eh? Really? Okinawa? If I don’t go, nothing will happen for me! Everyone, this year, let’s do our vocal exercises toward Okinawa’s blue sky, okay? It’s a promise! Eh? Time’s already up? To~oo fa~st. That’s all for now, your host has been AKB48’s Iwatate Saho. Byebye!

Okawa Rio: Hello, I’m AKB48 Team 4’s 16 year old Okawa Rio. For this year’s election, first this costume I’m wearing is black, a little more grown-up and chic. For last year’s election, I picked a white dress, but this year I thought I’d challenge myself by wearing black, so I chose this dress. Also this year, my goal is to rank in. If I rank in, since I turned 16 this year, I’ll be able to get a lot more different kinds of work, and for the election there’s the Mizugi Surprise, so I’m aiming for that. Everyone, please cheer me on! This was Okawa Rio.

Omori Miyu: [singing Heartgata Virus] It’s like I’ve been infected by a heart-shaped virus that no injection can cure. All I can think about is you, and I can’t do anything about it… This can’t be! Or so I thought, but you know… it seems like I love you! Hi, I’m AKB48 Team 4’s Omori Miyu. This year I want to take my mastery of idolhood one step further and make even more people fall in love with me! So more and more people will be head over heels for me, please cheer me on!

Okada Nana: I’m a member of AKB48’s Team 4 and also of STU48, Okada Nana. In this year’s election, the same as last year, I want to aim for Kami7. So that I can be a leader of the AKB48 Group, I feel the Kami7 wall is one I must overcome. I know it’s an incredibly difficult goal to set, but I hope to cross over that wall with the help of the fans. By all means, I hope you will keep supporting me.

Kawamoto Saya: I’m AKB48 Team 4’s Kawamoto Saya. Last year, I ranked 27th in the election and I’m very grateful, thank you. My goal for this year’s election is to rank into senbatsu. Until now, I haven’t had enough confidence in myself, but in order to become a senbatsu member this year, I need to become someone who has self-confidence. As someone who was born in Hokkaido, my burning feelings won’t lose to the Okinawan heat. Please cheer me on.

Kitazawa Saki: [singing RESET] Let the wind in, Team! Open your eyes! Stand up right here! Let the wind in, starting today it’s all new, we are the 13th generation! Good afternoon everyone, I’m AKB48 Team 4 and 13th generation member Kitazawa Saki aka Sakki! This year, for the first time ever, we 13th gens had a concert all by ourselves! But that’s not where we want to stop! We want to aim much, much higher! This year’s election, I’m aiming to rank in for the first time! And to bring luck this year, I wore a more adult costume for my election poster so please check it out! Finally, I’d like to sing the song my unit performed. [singing Kamoku na tsuki] Believing in you, I’ll follow you. I don’t need a map, I’ll go anywhere with you. You’re shy so you don’t hold my hand, but you’re nonchalantly watching over me. Thank you! Please support me!

Kojima Mako: [sign] I’m AKB48 Team 4’s Kojima Mako. [sign] Actually, I’m getting my teeth straightened so I can’t speak right now. I’m sorry. [sign] This year, my election goal is… [sign] Sincerity (Makoto). [sign] This is it. [sign] With the “sincerity” that’s in my name, I’ll earnestly, purely, straightforwardly… [sign] Enjoy myself! That’s my intention. [sign] I’m counting on your support, [sign] thank you very much!

Komiyama Haruka: To all those who support me and love AKB48, thank you as always! I’m AKB48 Team 4’s Komiyama Haruka aka Komiharu! This year I’m running for election again, and I know the election tends to cause drama. Two years ago, I shed bitter tears with all of you, and last year they were tears of joy. For this year’s election, I don’t know if it’ll cause the fans unpleasant feelings, and there might be trying times ahead, but still – sharing the tough times and happy times is what AKB48 is about! And so, this year, I’m aiming for senbatsu. When I make it to senbatsu, I want to shed joyous tears with you all, so please cheer me on!

Sato Kiara: Hello, I’m AKB48 Team 4’s 15th generation Sato Kiara aka Kiichan. This past year I feel I’ve grown a lot in performances thanks to the Boku no Taiyou performances, where I get to perform with many members, both senpai and kouhai, from Team A to Team 4. Until recently, I haven’t been able to perform with any senpai members except those close to my generation, and in Boku no Taiyou we perform songs across a range from cheerful to adult. At handshake events the fans tell me I’ve improved my facial expressions and other aspects of my performance, and I’ve been on AKBINGO recently as well. This year I’ve gotten pretty tired of my old character, so for this year’s election I want to…hope I can…rip up my old character and bring you a brand new Sato Kiara. Please cheer me on. This was Sato Kiara.

Takahashi Juri: Good afternoon, everyone. I’m AKB48 Team 4’s Takahashi Juri. This year I’ve entered the election again! Definitely, definitely cheer me on, please. Last year, I ranked 15th, so now I’m going to do 15 funny faces. Ready, start! One…two…three…um, I can’t think of any more, so seeing as I could only do 3, this year I’ll work hard and aim for 3rd place! Everyone, please cheer me on! This was Takahashi Juri.

Nozawa Rena: I’m AKB48 Team 4’s Nozawa Rena. I’ve applied to run in this year’s election. I graduated high school this year, and I want to show you how much I’ve grown this past year. Please cheer me on. And so, this time I want to show you some psychic ability! First, I’m going to make this finger fly. Here we go. Fly! It’s going to fly… it flew! Did you all see it? Next, I’ll bend this spoon. Everyone, try it with me. Three, two one…Bend! Um…it won’t bend? Well, I couldn’t do it this time, but actually that’s not the important part. Since this video started, 5 things have changed. I wonder what those 5 things could be? Everyone, rewind to the beginning and check again!


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