AKB48 2017 Election Appeal Videos – AKB48 Research Students

Kubo Satone: Hi – like fluffy cotton candy, I want to be a sweet girl. I’m Kubo Satone. I joined AKB in the 2nd draft conference. This year it will have been 2 years. These past 2 years I’ve been center a lot and I was even chosen as a senbatsu member for the 48th single. My goal for the election this year is to rank in. I want to work hard together with my fans towards the goal of ranking in. Also, in Okinawa, I want to hear my name ring out. I’m counting on you!

Nomura Nao: I’m AKB48 Team K’s 2nd draft draftee Nomura Nao. This time I applied for candidacy to change the future. The truth is… I’m really an alien from the future! I come from the same planet as Mariyannu-san. Among so many graduations of my seniors, I kept thinking how I can’t stay the same and I have to change. So I want to change my own future and the future of AKB! Recently, I’ve been telling my fans that I’m currently poised for a huge leap. And I think now is the time for that leap! On June 17, 2017, will we see Nomura make that leap? Please cheer me on!

Nishikawa Rei: Hello, everyone. I’m AKB48 Team B’s draft research student, Nishikawa Rei. Last year, I had my first experience with the election. And I firmly felt that it is no easy task to stand on that stage. Hard work isn’t enough. If I don’t capture the hearts of many fans, I won’t be able to rank in. I’m currently restricted to doing shows at the AKB theater. And it would make me happiest if you all value my performances there. That’s why I wanted to show you all what I look like when I perform onstage. I joined AKB48 on 5/10 two years ago. It’s already been two years. I want the third year to be one where I become a person able to capture the hearts of fans and make great leaps forward. Please cheer on Nishikawa Rei. Byebye.

Yamabe Ayu: I’m Team B’s draft research student Yamabe Ayu. I want to do a performance for you. Here goes. [sings Shonichi] Dreams are flowers born gradually of persperation. That effort will surely never betray you. Dreams are buds awaking from perspiration, waiting patiently to put out sprouts, until someday, surely, our dreams come true. Thank you very much. I’ll keep performing with my entire soul. I hope you’ll walk [ayumu] with Ayu toward her dreams. Thank you very much! I’m counting on you!

Chiba Erii: Hi, I’m AKB48 Team 4’s draft research student Chiba Erii. I’ve recently been streaming live every morning from 5:30am and I do something I call “Erii’s Random Birthday Month Fortune-telling”. And I do it with no makeup on. If you want some quick idol therapy, come to Erii’s room. Even just once, everyone, please come have fun too. Until the election, I’ll work my very hardest, so please cheer me on.

Asai Nanami: Good afternoon, everyone. I’m AKB48 16th generation research student Asai Nanami. And I love to sing, so I’ll sing 365nichi no kamihikouki. [singing it] Life is like a paper airplane, flying along upon wishes. Fighting through the wind with all its might just to move forward. Rather than try to fly further than anyone else, where and how to fly are the most important things to consider, so I’ll do what my heart says 365 days of the year. For my first ever election, I hope you all can learn who I am. I’m counting on you! That’s all from AKB48 16th generation research student Asai Nanami aka Naamin.

Inagaki Kaori: Everyone, hello. I’m AKB48 16th generation research student Inagaki Kaori. This will be the first time I’m participating in the AKB48 election. I’m not very good at singing, dancing or talking, so I don’t have many options for making an appeal. I’ll work hard to become someone who can think of myself as someone people should support. And I want to become the type of idol who cherishes the people who support her. I’ll try hard to sparkle like the Okinawan sea. Finally, I want to show you my special talent, quick finger snapping. Here goes~ That’s it. Thank you very much.

Umemoto Izumi: I’m AKB48 16th generation research student Umemoto Izumi. I took the AKB48 audition as a chance to change myself. For the past 18 years, I’ve never been someone who could get engrossed with a dream. That’s why I took the AKB48 audition last year, to change who I am and to find a dream I can get excited about. I’m shy and I’m not great at dancing, but I love working as an AKB48 member. With my participation in the election this year, I hope that more people can remember my name. Everyone, please cheer me on.

Kurosu Haruka: I’m AKB48 16th generation research student Kurosu Haruka aka Haa-chan. My special talent is magic, and I’ll perform some for you now. First, I’ll put this cloth in this glass. Then I’ll cover it with another cloth. Then I’ll close it up with a rubber band. Now when I say the magic words, something amazing will happen: one, two, three… somehow, from underneath, a cloth has appeared! Ta-da. It says “Kurosu – I’ll do my best!” This is my first election and I’m still a research student, but I’m aiming to rank in and I’ll work hard towards it, so please cheer me on! Thank you!

Sato Minami: Good afternoon. I’m AKB48 16th generation research student Sato Minami. Right now, I really don’t have anything going for me and nothing to show, and I’m truly terrible at dancing, but someday I want to rank in and get a trophy. And someday I want to aim for and rank into senbatsu and become an admired member. And after I’ve ranked into senbatsu, I want to rank 1st so I can become a sparkling version of myself like this. This is my first election and I’m nervous, so please take care of me everyone. Byebye~

Shoji Nagisa: Good afternoon, everyone. I’m AKB48 16th generation research student, hailing from Hokkaido and 16 years old, Shoji Nagisa aka Nagyu. This election will be my first election, so I’m very nervous. But I will follow my seniors and learn all I can from them, and I would be glad if more people could learn my name. Also, I have a dream. That dream is to be a member who can contribute to AKB in a meaningful way. In order to realize that dream someday, I’ll take it step by step every day. Please watch over me. Finally, my special talent is cheerleading, so I’ll show you a bit now.

Suzuki Kurumi: Hi! When I say Kuru, you say Runrun! Always energetic Kuru…Runrun! Thank you. I was born in Tokyo, I’m a 1st year middle schooler and I’m 12 years old. I’m Suzuki Kurumi aka Kururun. Today, I drew a picture! Can you tell what this is? Everyone, take a guess. Thinking time, start! Ta-da! It’s a seal. Why a seal? It’s because I sign my name with it. The thing I’m best at drawing is a seal. I know it’s pretty bad, but it’s really the best thing I can do. Though some people tell me it looks like a mullet fish, and maybe if I get to practice sometime I can draw something that really looks like one. Well, my drawings may suck, but I’m going to face the election with a smile and I hope you’ll remember my face and name! This was 16th generation research student Suzuki Kurumi!

Taguchi Manaka: Hi! I’m AKB48 16th generation research student Taguchi Manaka. I’m sure there are those of you watching this who are thinking “who is this girl?” That’s why I’ll tell you about some of my characteristics! First: I love comedy! Especially when comedians imitate old famous entertainers. Second: I used to be an AKB48 fan! I’ve loved AKB ever since I was a first year in elementary school, and I’ve gone to tons of events. Also, this is the first time I’ll be participating in the election. I think “positive is best” so I want to put my soul into it this time! Eating katsudon for the win! [katsu = win] Byebye!

Taya Misaki: Hi! I’m AKB48 16th generation research student Taya Misaki aka Tacchan. This time is the first election I’ll be participating in! I expect it to be a hard struggle, so I’m going to put passion into singing a song for you. [sings Green Flash] Before twilight turns into night, I’ll set aside today’s sadness. Even a little, taking the long way is fine, there might be good things tomorrow. I’m going to give it all I’ve got so please cheer me on!

Nagatomo Ayami: Hi, I’m AKB48 16th generation research student Nagatomo Ayami. I ran for election this year in hopes that a few more people will learn my face and name. Since our debut, about a month ago we 16th gen members were allowed to do an exclusive concert, and there we received the spirit of the fans and learned how much fun singing and dancing really are. Thank you. I love smiling faces, so if I can make a lot of people smile at theater performances and handshake events, I would be happy. That’s why I wanna become the new leader of smiles. I’m really excited for my first election, so please cheer me on, everyone!

Harima Nanami: Everyone, hello. I’m AKB48 16th generation research student Harima Nanami. It’s unexpected, but right now I’ll eat a gummy. It’s really fresh and delicious. Just like this gummy, I’ll try hard to be fresh! I’ll work hard!

Honma Mai: Hi, born in Tokyo and currenly in 3rd year of middle school, I’m AKB48 16th generation research student Honma Mai. Thank you for watching my appeal comment. There are probably a lot of people seeing me for the first time. I’d be happy if you remember me as Mai-chan who loves pickled plums. Right now, I’m treasuring the fans, my seniors and the staff and performing research student stages at the Akihabara theater. Thank you for always supporting us. I still have a long way to go with dance and I’m still inexperienced, but I applied for the election in hopes that more people will learn about me. I’m just a research student now, but I’ll work hard so that two or three years from now I can shine with the help of my fans. Please cheer me on. Byebye~

Maeda Ayaka: I’m AKB48 16th generation research student Maeda Ayaka. Right now I’m appearing in the 16th generation research student performances at the theater. Now I want to tell you about 3 ways I’ve grown since joining AKB48. [sign: 3 ways I’ve grown] First up is: my expressions have gotten better [sign: better expressions] This goes for performances but also my reactions during MCs have gotten bigger. Second is developing stamina! [sign: developing stamina] Before, I had no stamina and I would get tired even after a little physical activity. Recently I’ve even developed some muscle and I can go all-out during performances. Third, my attitude has improved. [sign: improved attitude] Before I joined AKB, I was aware that my attitude wasn’t that great, but after joining I was more careful about it and lately it’s gotten a lot better. Also, I was chosen to be in an AKB costume photo book. Back when I was a fan, I always waited impatiently for these books to come out so I was very surprised to actually be in one of them. It made me super, super happy. I’m still an amateur, but I want to keep giving my all and grow without stopping. I also want my personality to come out a bit more. I’ll work hard so Maeda Ayaka is the one you think of when you think of “AKB48’s Maeda”. [sign: AKB48’s Maeda -> Maeda Ayaka] Please cheer me on. Thank you for watching until the end!

Michieda Saki: I think you might not know who I am yet, so I’ll do my self-introduction and catchphrase. [sign: AKB48 16th gen research student. 13 years old, nickname Sakipon. 2nd year middle school. Michieda Saki] When I ask “is there anything else?” you say “Sakipon!” When you think of words with –pon, there’s dekopon, ponzu, and is there anything else? Thank you! I come from Kanagawa, I’m 13 years old, my name is Michieda Saki aka Sakipon. This is my first election, and I’ll do my best to face it with a smile. Thank you very much.

Mutou Orin: Hi, I’m AKB48 16th generation research student Mutou Orin. I have 2 special talents. The first is hip-hop dance, and the second is karate. When I was a 4th year in elementary school, won at an All-Japan full-contact karate championship. Today I’ll show you some karate! Here goes. My goal is to rank in! The 16th generation will move AKB48! Please cheer me on! That’s all from Mutou Orin!

Yasuda Kana: I’m AKB48 16th generation research student Yasuda Kana aka Kanabun. This year we had an exclusive concert and we’ve been performing at the theater. We’ve had a lot of firsts, and we’ve learned a lot. This will be the first election for me. I’ll do a little self-introduction here so you can learn a bit more about me. I come from Saitama, I’m a 1st year high schooler and I’m 15 years old. I’m not that good at singing or talking, but I do have confidence in dancing. I’ll do my best so more people remember my face and name this election. Last, I’ll show you my special talent, acrobatics. Here goes~ Please cheer me on!

Yamauchi Mizuki: Hi! When I say “lucky” you say “Zukkii!” I’m counting on you! Today everyone is lucky…Zukkii! Thank you. I’m from Tokyo, 1st year high schooler, 15 years old, Yamauchi Mizuki aka Zukkii! This is my first election, so I’m really excited. Because it’s my first one, I’m aiming to rank in. The reason for that is that I don’t want to waste this opportunity, and even though I’m a 16th gen research student, one day I want to be someone who leads AKB. I want to get more people excited about AKB48. I still have a long way to go, but I’d be happy if you cheer me on! Last, I’ll have a bit of playing cute time! Okay. Playing cute time is something I do on my SHOWROOM every time, so try to aim for the right timing to take a screenshot. Here goes! Three, two, one! That’s all! Thank you! Please cheer me on!

Yamane Suzuha: Good afternoon, everyone. I’m AKB48 16th generation research student Yamane Suzuha. I’m nervous for my first election, but I want to aim with all of you to rank in. Also, I’ll convey my energy and love over to you! Convey! I’m Yamane Suzuha! Thank you! I love you all! Thank you for everything! Convey! I’ll do my best!


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