45th Single Election Appeal Comments (Team H)

    Akiyoshi Yuka
“Hi everyone! I’m HKT48 Team H’s Akiyoshi Yuka. First I want to say this: I am absolutely not playing around. In summer of last year in Hakata, during a stage play I played the part of Akiyoshi Yukichirou. The play at Hakataza taught me about theater from the ground up and the part was really fun to play. I learned a lot. Last year, thanks to you fans, I ranked 47th in the preliminary rankings. However, I wasn’t able to rank in the real thing, but my ties with you all got deeper and it was a great event nonetheless! This year for sure I want to rank in and have my work activities increase. I want to have a lot of great experiences with you all. I want to spend this year full of smiles. Please cheer for me! That’s all, [idk what word this is]”
       Inoue Yuriya
“I’m HKT48 Team H’s Inoue Yuriya aka Yuriya, 16 years old. Thank you for watching this video. This is a sudden queston, but do you guys know what I normally post on Google+? I post homemade photoshoots called ‘Seifuku yorimichi collection’. I’m in a lot of mini photoshoots there. You guys are always supporting me, I’m truly thankful for that. That’s why I want you all to find that supporting me is really fun. I’m happy if the people supporting me think that I’m good or interesting, even just a little bit. This time I tried using a picture from one of those photoshoots as my poster. All of you who didn’t know about it, please check it out. I’m aiming for my first rank-in. Thank you for supporting me.”
    Ui Mashiro
“Hello, I’m HKT48’s Ui Mashiro. This will be my 4th election. This year I was chosen to appear in a coupling song on AKB48’s 43rd single, during the short play in HKT48’s tour ‘Sashiko du soleil’ I was chosen for for the Last Boss ‘I4U’. Riding this wave, I think my popularity can go up a bit. So using this as a springboard, this year I am seriously aiming to be ranked in. That’s all from HKT48’s Mashiro Ui.”
 Ueno Haruka
“Hello everyone, I’m HKT48 Team H’s Ueno Haruka aka Harutan. So far, I’ve never ranked in in an election. I haven’t gotten into senbatsu, either. I don’t get much work compared to everyone else. I’m always making my fans sad because of this and I’m very sorry. That’s why I’ve been devoting myself body and soul to the theater performances I love. And then suddenly the wind of fortune started blowing for me! It’s something that came from the HKT48 documentary movie [?]! Furthermore, I was chosen as the center of the movie’s theme song! Everyone, can you imagine it? I, who has basically done nothing but theater performances up until now, was able to become center! ‘When you do your best, there will be people who’ll see that’. These words turned out to be true. And now I have my opportunity to move upwards. This year, I won’t be dreaming alone this year. If I’m able to rank in, it will be proof positive that ‘hard work will definitely be rewarded’! Finally, I am SERIOUS this year! Everyone, please cheer me on! Byebye~”
    Okamoto Naoko
“[doing sign language] Hello everyone, and nice to meet you. I think there are people who don’t know my name. It’s Oka moto Nao ko. Up until now, in every election, I’ve unfortunately been… [sign: Unranked] unranked. For this year’s election, I’m going to tear that into little pieces. Everyone, our motto is going to be this: [sign: combined effort]. To the fans who have been supporting me, and any new fans I might have, let’s show our unity and do our best in this year’s election! Everyone, please cheer for me! Byebye~”
       Kojina Yui
“I’m HKT48 Team H’s Kojina Yui aka Jiina, 18 years old. Last year, you all gave me the wonderful rank of 46 as a present. Thank you so much! I will never forget the view from the stage. My dream is to join AKB48’s 16-member senbatsu. Though it’s probably still a long way off, someday it will definitely come true. And to help that dream happen, I’m running for election this year. The rank I’m aiming for is 27 like my name, Jiina [ji=2 na=7]. You can think of 27 when you hear Jiina, but this will be no ordinary 27. This will be a 27 I captured with the help of my fans! Okay. Please cheer me on!”
        Kodama Haruka
“Hello everyone, I’m HKT48 Team H/Team K’s Kodama Haruka aka Haruppi. Now, this year election season has come again! It gets my heart racing. Last year I felt everyone’s love and ranked in at 17th. It was a year full of support from you all. Thank you. And also my close friends Sakura and Sasshi had a lot of work opportunities thanks to their election rankings. [missing some words here] It was also a year where I felt my own shortcomings. My goal for this year for HKT48’s sake, I feel that I have to take a step forward. And so this year, as a continuation of last year, I’m gonna do that thing! I’m going to smash into my enthusiasm for this year right here. I’ll do my best. For senbatsu…come on! Here I go! [voice offscreen says stop] Eh? Is it okay? Maybe I shouldn’t have done that…”
        Komada Hiroka
“HKT48 Team H’s Komada Hiroka aka Pii-chan here. My concept this year is precise: Revenge! Two years ago was the first time I was able to rank in. Last year, I was really frustrated to not have ranked in. Last year I was able to show up in a lot of different things and participated in theater shows as a senbatsu understudy in the center position as well as other forward positions. However, I don’t just want to be an understudy. I want my own position in senbatsu! So I’m going to use that frustration I felt as a springboard to rank in again! Let’s create my story together! I’ll become your heroine! Thank you!”
        Sakaguchi Riko
“HKT48 Team H’s Sakaguchi Riko aka Rikopi here. Nice to meetcha. Last year I ranked in at 37. I was seriously so happy! Thank you so much! This year I’m aiming for Undergirls. My appeal points are…I haven’t said this before but it’s my bright personality and my endurance for my age. Also, more than anything else, I love my passionate fans! I’ll do my best to aim for my goal this time with my fans! Thank ya!”
        Sashihara Rino
“Hi everyone, I’m HKT48’s Sashihara Rino. This time, I’m REALLY enthusiastic. I’ll tell you why: it’s because if I’m ranked #1 this year, it will be the first time for successive wins in election history. That’s a view no one has seen before. And I would love to see that happen along with all of the fans who are supporting me. Please get me there. And also, this is a promise: if I win, I’ll do a comedy show as a pupil of Dachou Club! Of course, there will be live changing of clothes, netto [think this is different from internet], and the tried and true swimsuit concert. I know it’s presumptuous, but if I’m able to win this year, I believe it will make me someone who can bring the people in my home province of Oita just a bit more happiness. This year, everyone in Kumamoto, Oita and Kyushu, I want to make it a year we can come see you all. Thank you. That’s all from Sashihara Rino! Byebye~ ”
        Tashima Meru
“HKT48 Team H’s Tashima Meru here. This year my appeal comment is about how I’m aiming for senbatsu in the election, so I made a first-letters poem with senbatsu as the base! Here we go~ SE – In the election… N – Nnnn, senbatsu thief! BA – My ardor has increased, TSU – I want to grab it! That’s all for my first-letters poem! I’ll do my best with you all to aim higher and higher in the election this year. Please cheer for me!”
        Tanaka Natsumi
“Nice to meet you everyone, I’m HKT48’s Tanaka Natsumi. This will be my 5th election. Last year’s result was disappointing, and I really felt bad about it. But it’s been a year since the last election. I’ve become a high schooler, my jobs have increased, and more than anything else, I was chosen for the senbatsu of HKT48’s 7th single. I’d always wanted to be in senbatsu, so I was full of happiness. But now that I’ve been in senbatsu, my anxieties have increased, and I’ve been subjected to the fans’ strict gaze. I feel that I have to change. It’s often joked about on the net that Natsumikan has few fans, and I want to show everyone that that isn’t true. So I’m chosen for the next senbatsu as well, I’d absolutely like to rank in this year. Everyone, please cheer for me!”
        Tanaka Miku
“Coming from Kumamoto prefecture, HKT48 Team H’s 14 year old Tanaka Miku aka Mikurin here. This year I was chosen for senbatsu, acted a role in Majisuka, and recieved many opportunities. This is my 3rd election, and I want to stand on the stage and smile along with all of you! And since the election is happening in Niigata this year, we’ll work hard so that many HKT48 members rank in and an HKT fanbase is established there too! Everyone, please cheer for me! I’ll do my best to remove negativity!”
 Matsuoka Natsumi
“HKT48 Team H’s Matsuoka Natsumi here. I’m running for the 2016 election. This time it will be my 5th election. I’ve turned 20, and it’s also been 5 years since I joined HKT, so my goal is to destroy the status quo. I want to change the way things are now. My fans haven’t yet written anything about what rank would be good to aim for, so I wrote on Google+ that I would like to aim for Undergirls. I definitely want to smile with everyone on that stage as a member of Undergirls. Please cheer for me. I’ll do my best!”
        Yabuki Nako
“HKT48 Team H/AKB48 Team B’s Yabuki Nako here. This will be my 3rd election. And somehow the election, which falls on 6/18 this year, is the same day as my birthday! Yay~! I hope it will be a wonderful day. I’ll keep smiling brightly and energetically and doing my best! Now please listen to Ijiwaruchuu~ [sings] Thank you!”
        Yamada Marina
“Hello. I’m HKT48 Team H’s Yamada Marina. This will be my 4th election. I haven’t ranked in once yet, so my number one goal for this year is to rank in. I want to try standing on that stage with a smile. I know I’m still inexperienced, but if I’m able to rank in, my work will increase, so I’ll do my best towards that. I want to put all my effort into aiming for my dreams. Everyone, let’s aim high together. Please cheer me on. That’s all from Yamada Marina aka Mariri. Byebye~”
   Yamamoto Mao
“Hello everyone, I’m HKT48 Team H’s Yamamoto Mao. Recently, I had a lot of fans tell me on 755 that they’d come see me at the next handshake event, so I’m really happy. Also, if you glance at my name there, I think you might remember it! Last year and the year before last, I wasn’t able to rank in. To stop that trend, I really want to rank in this year. I want to make forward progress with all of you. Also, I’m on the road to turning 20, so [idk what this means]! If you don’t listen to Fukuoka KBC radio, I’m going to be a June regular. They do a 10-times quiz on there. I’d like to do that with everyone. Here goes~ Yamamoto Mao [x10] I am Yamamoto Mao! That’s right! I’m Yamamoto Mao! Now you definitely won’t forget! Please cheer for me! Byebye~!”
   Wakatabe Haruka
“HKT48 Team H’s Wakatabe Haruka here. Somehow this is already my 5th election. For my first election, I was a 2nd year middle schooler. Now I’m a 3rd year high schooler! And so this is my last time wearing my school uniform. How do you like it? Thank you! However, for the last 4 elections, even though I ran every time, I have never once ranked in. This year, along with all the fans who have been supporting me and cheering me on, I would like to be able to smile and be happy! Please cheer for me! Everyone, let’s do our best!”


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    Team N maybe? Thank you for the hard work!! ; u ;

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