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2014 Election Book Interview – Yamamoto Sayaka

This is an interview with Yamamoto Sayaka, found in the 2014 version of the Senbatsu Election Book. Interviewer is in bold, Sayanee’s answers are in quotes.

“The theme for this year’s election is ‘You can’t just wish for it, you have to take it!’ Last year, my sentiments were weak and I was only wishing to get into senbatsu. But I thought after that, ‘Isn’t the way I participated with such failing resolution really rude to the fans who did their best to support me?…’ That’s why, this year, I decided to aim as high as I possibly can. On that note, the rank I’m setting my sights on…well, it’s gotta be 1st! There, I said it!”

You aim to jump from your rank of 14 last year to 1st in one go!?

“I think that setting that as my goal is, in itself, a way to answer my fans’ expectations.”

I see. Actually, I haven’t told you this yet, but in the official election guidebook, this year, we ranked members based on our own ideas of where they might place this time rather than where they placed last yea

“Ahh~ really? That’s an interesting way to do it.”

And in the book, we placed you at number 1.

“…Huh? What did you just say…?”

I’m sorry to have surprised you. But anyhow, congratulations!

“No, no, wait… huh. Yeah… okay. Sorry, instead of hesitating thinking it over, I’ll just say… I’ll do my best. I’ll have to do my best!”

That’s positive of you! You can feel the strength of someone who’s steeled her resolve coming from you this year.

“That’s right. I feel like maybe I’ve gotten a little stronger this past year. A little like (Oshima) Yuko-san…”

Do you have a close relationship with Yuko-san?

“The last half-year, I feel like the distance between us has closed really quickly. We went to meals together and she got me a present for my birthday, things like that. I’m definitely not the type to shy from proactively involving myself as a junior, but I feel that the effort to get closer came from her, and I’m very thankful for that.

She had written on a card for my birthday. On it were the words ‘It’s also important to act, not just to think’. She decisively hit the nail on the head as far as what I’m lacking in. I was very moved… . Other seniors pretty much stick to being kind. They point out what you did well, and they search for the good things about you. But Yuko-san sometimes gives very harsh advice.”

Like what, for example?

“Last year, during my speech I made the declaration that ‘From here on, I’ll become a beast’, but…”

You wanted to stir things up by graduating from being a ‘stray cat who was taken in’ in AKB senbatsu and becoming instead something like a beast.

“That’s what I proclaimed. Actually, on the program we did a recording for the next day when we played a game of musical chairs, I did manage to stir things up. Even Yuko-san praised me by saying ‘I felt that beast aura from you’, and I was elated. But honestly, that was the only time I was able to become a beast”.

Just once, the very next day after the election!? (laughs)

“I’m sorry! But then it became a question of how I should really become this beast. I didn’t hit upon anything even when I was trying to think of ideas. I don’t have the kind of character Suda (Akari)-san does, where she can appeal to fans by pushing her way to the front… And while I was thinking, feeling that it would be impossible for me to become a beast, I sealed off the word ‘beast’ during that period of time (laughs).

And then, one time Yuko-san abruptly asked me ‘So when are you becoming a beast, Sayanee? Or have you given up on that!?’ She saw through it all. She was so on the mark that I didn’t have a reply. It was kind of scary (laughs). But after that, she said this to me: ‘You might not be able to be a beast just yet, but it’s you so I know you can do it’. Even recently, though I’ve been able to perform on TV, there are times I get depressed when it’s over because I feel like I didn’t stand out at all. But then I remember the words Yuko-san told me, and after that I feel like I want to keep on challenging myself without giving up”.

On the flip side of that harshness are Yuko’s big hopes and affection for you. There are episodes when they show through. Although, on TV, you haven’t been able to break out of being seen as “a stray cat who was taken in”. With your resentment towards yourself, and TV viewers pointing out again and again ‘that’s not the Sayanee I know’, you’ve been fairly cornered.

“I know it’s bad that I haven’t been able to break out of the shell I’m in, but that’s also a part of myself, so I’m a little bit sad about it….”

This spring, you were presented with a large opportunity. You were given a concurrent position in AKB48’s Team K.

“The other day, when the new Team K performed for the first time at Saitama Super Arena, the fans who watched were saying ‘You were really dazzling today, Sayanee’. And there were a lot of people saying it, too! Actually, since my own fighting spirit was on fire, I thought ‘Ah, did it come around to me?’ In Team N, I’m always going out with ‘Team Spirit’. Dancing with representing Team N foremost on my mind. But I figured out that I can polish up a different side of myself in Team K. During the time I’m in this team, I can shine as an individual, I think.”

Not as a representative of the NMB48 group, or as the captain of Team N; when you’re in Team K, the “beast” may awaken.

“It’s a really good stimulus!”

Who do you get motivation from in Team K?

“I get it from a lot of people, but the foremost would be (Matsui) Jurina-san, who’s also a concurrent member. She burns with desire, in a good way. When Jurina-san is there, she draws your eye”.

Jurina is the possessor of a fiery passion, isn’t she?

“She really is. That’s why, when I’m standing next to her, that fire comes across to me, and even I feel like I might lose to her! My heart is so set on our rivalry that it might cause trouble to her actually… and when I think that, I end up repressing myself. But when I realized I was doing that, I tried to bare my heart toward my opponent in my dancing… . Even I’m surprised about it”.

You’re speaking very lively now. You’re spoken of as one of the successors to Oshima Yuko. So by putting you in Team K, the old home of Oshima Yuko, do you feel like they’re trying to awaken something in you? Or do you think it was just coincidence?

“Actually, the day before the big shuffle, I met Yuko-san at a music show we were recording for, and she asked me a question it seemed just came to her mind. ‘What would you do if you were told you’d have a concurrent position with Team K?’ Since I had never thought about it before and I wondered what to say, I answered something like ‘I think I’d like to try it.’ And then Yuko-san just said, ‘I see, well I’d be happy if you came to Team K’ and walked off. And then the next day, my concurrency with Team K was announced…”

The concurrency might be a coincidence. But then there’s the feeling that Oshima Yuko wished for the team she poured her soul into to help polish you up as well. By the way, something that was a big factor in this imagining of you at #1 is that you have the same “hourglass figure” as Oshima Yuko. Right now, sports clubs around the country have posters of you stuck up on their clubroom walls, saying you’re their idol.

“It’s not that great… But my friends have also told me that when you do an image search for ‘Yamamoto Sayaka’ on the internet, all that comes up are pictures of me in a swimsuit (laughs)”.

The other day, Yuko-san saw a cover of you on a magazine in a bikini holding a guitar for some reason, and she thought in surprise ‘What in the world is that girl doing!?’

“Before, when I was asked to do gravure in a bikini with an apron, Yuko-san pointed it out and said ‘That’s a little extreme!’ (laughs)”

You must like to be photographed in swimsuits.

“No way! I’ll just say this. I’ve always been really embarrassed when it came to doing gravure! On top of that, it might just be my imagination, but doesn’t it seem that recently the amount of cloth in the swimsuits has been getting smaller, and the demands getting bigger…?”

But, since it’s you, you definitely won’t complain.

“There’s a part of me that wants to answer my fans’ expectations, and with the requests of the staff who are helping me prepare, I just end up doing it… . I keep saying that, but behind those covers of me you see at the convenience stores is my own desire to push myself forward (laughs)”.

So it’s a good kind of embarrassment (laughs). Well then, in the end, seeing as we imagined Sashihara Rino at 2nd and Watanabe Mayu at 3rd, please ring out a declaration of war!

“To declare war on those two, who are so big… your demands are high, huh~. They’re both seniors whom I respect. Sashihara-san has her individual activities, of course, and it’s thanks to her presence that the HKT group has kept getting bigger and bigger. Her power of production is really something! And most of all, she’s the first member from a sister group to reach #1 in the election. I think seeing her like that became a huge goal for sister group members.

Mayuyu (Watanabe Mayu)-san is a stoic person to the end. I love how high level her professional consciousness is! I want Mayuyu-san’s faithful fans to be rewarded, too. A declaration of war…? Oh, that’s right. Because it’s those two, I want to overtake them someday. With that high hurdle in mind, I’ll do my best!”



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2014 Election Book Interview – Shiroma Miru

This is an interview with Shiroma Miru, found in the 2014 version of the Senbatsu Election Book. Interviewer is in bold, Mirurun’s answers are in quotes.

Dependent like a puppy and whimsical like a kitten: when you become a fan of Mirurun, you want to protect her and be teased by her so much, you don’t know what to do! But there you have one of the unexplained mysteries of the world. Right now, the number of people who want to become her prisoner are rapidly increasing.

The same as Yamamoto Sayaka and Watanabe Miyuki, Mirurun is a founding member of NMB48. She’s the orthodox idol type who seems like a dependent little sister one would like to protect. However, in the past 3 elections she’s participated in, she’s never ranked. Up on that stage, her own name has never been called.

“Honestly, in the 3rd and 4th elections, it wasn’t that much of a shock to me. I wasn’t able to stand out from the crowd, I wasn’t able to imprint myself on everyone’s hearts, and I couldn’t even really say I tried my absolute hardest… that’s why I felt I didn’t rank. But instead of feeling frustrated, I was sad about my state of affairs”.

The turning point was last year’s election. NMB48 names were called again and again.

“The candidates had increased for those 64 ranks, so I got in a defeatist mood, thinking ‘I probably won’t rank in this year, either…’ But then (Yoshida) Akari-chan’s and (Yabushita) Shuu-chan’s names were called for Future Girls, and they hadn’t ranked in previous years. Because of that, my heart started to pound in excitement. After that, Fuu-chan (Yagura Fuuko) and Keicchi (Jounishi Kei) were called up for Next Girls, and at that point my heart really started hammering.

My hopes were lifted. What should I do if I’m called!? Tons of people are watching this live on TV, what should I say in my speech!? But then (Yamada) Nana-chan was called for 28th, and after the announcement that the Undergirls ranks would start to be called, I came to the realization: ‘Ah, I guess I’m not going to rank this year, either…’. I was getting my hopes up all by myself. I was an idiot for getting excited. That’s when I started to feel just how cold the wind hitting my skin was, and I shivered in the chill. And for the first time, I seriously felt ‘frustration’. My tears just wouldn’t stop. Looking back on it now, it’s embarrassing enough to make my face turn red….”

What you were left with were feelings of impatience and frustration. You wanted to break out of your shell somehow. But first, you resolved to do something about your handshakes, which you lacked skill in.

“I like meeting fans, but I couldn’t figure out a way to make handshake events fun, and I wasn’t very good at them. But I thought, ‘It can’t go on like this’.”

How were you able to change it?

“I started to do this run run run♪ thing, and shook hands by crossing my arms, I tried coming up with some different things to do. And then I started speaking in a loud and energetic voice, and jumping in little hops. When I look like I’m having fun, it also makes the fans happy.”

The impressions posted on the internet by fans who shook your hand quickly gained you the reputation of a “handshake goddess”. Hearing of this, the number of people lining up to shake hands with you skyrocketed. Recently, you’ve become popular enough to be a contender for NMB’s Top 3.

“My confidence level has gone up a bit thanks to that. Handshakes, the thing I was worst at, have now become so much fun every time!”

After your change, a chance opened up for you in NMB48’s single “Takane no Ringo” which was announced in March. Aside from being a senbatsu member for the A-side song, you were also chosen as center for the coupling song “Yama e Yukou”.

“I was so, so happy. After the shooting was over, I wanted to tell my fans right away. Because I hadn’t been able to repay them at all… . And then there was my family. Because I haven’t been very visible in media up until now, when I showed them the MV at home, they were incredibly happy, saying ‘What happened that you’re so up front and center now?!’ We watched the MV together over and over (laughs). And behind them, all the while, I was grinning like mad while we watched… and I felt a prickling behind my eyes.”

Now, finally, the election will answer the question of how much you’ve grown this past year. In this book, you’ve been placed at 16th!

“Eh!? Wait, are you being serious? Wow, I’m really happy. Yes, I really want to make something of this chance. I hope I can at least make Undergirls… . I’m going to bank everything I’ve done up until now on this challenge!”

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Furukawa Airi G+ (August 18, 10:20AM – 10:47AM EST)

[This is two posts in one]


Are you watching

Shin Domoto Kyoudai!? (^ω^)


Next time I really want to draw illustrations with Mita-chan.


Takeuchi-san, I want to pose you in all sorts
of ways haha


Mita Mao originally shared:

水着の女の子、いいよね( ^ω^ )

SKE-san’s Airin-san drew
Takeuchi-san in a swimsuit, it was too cute to handle \(^o^)/
But since my right hand hurts, I had her draw it for me (lol) (〝⌒∇⌒〝)
Girls in swimsuits are nice, aren’t they( ^ω^ )
Well, I like guys in swimsuits too.

おやすみたまお( ∪˘ω˘ )スヤヤァ
Good night ( ∪˘ω˘ )スヤヤァ


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Yokoyama Yui 2013 Election Interview

This interview with Yui appears in the “AKB48 Official Election Guidebook 2013”. Plain text indicates Yui’s answers, bold text indicates the interviewer.


An earnest hard worker, honest to the point of being awkward. Called ‘The Diligence’, without letting up on anything, she makes efforts seriously, and with constant efforts she’s grabbed hold of chances. But does Yokoyama have that same image of herself?

“Well, I think I’ve been really lucky. Two years ago, when the senbatsu cutoff was 21, I ranked 19th. If that had been a 16 member senbatsu, I wouldn’t have made it into senbatsu. Last year, in a 16 member senbatsu, I ranked 15th. Along with that rise came the Not Yet subunit, and you could say I climbed even higher, because up until I got into AKB I failed various auditions…. Thanks to a lot of luck coming together, I feel like everything is going really well. So lately I’ve been thinking, ‘it might be that I’m really lucky?!’”

To make a dream come true, diligent hard work is indispensable, but at times good luck is also necessary. The power to make sure your luck comes around, and also, the power to take hold of that chance and make things happen. She is possessed of both of these powers.

“I got a lot of chances this year, too. The fact that I was placed with concurrency in NMB, and that the teams were reshuffled were both great chances for me. Since I was the least senior member on Team K, I was relying on my seniors a lot. But in Team A, for the first time there were girls less senior than I was, and I took it as a cue for myself to change. When I turned 20, somewhere inside myself I said ‘I have to change’, and ‘I have to be more dependable’, so the shuffle and the concurrency came at a really good time.”

Yokoyama speaks while her gaze is fixed straight ahead, she surely is “The Diligence”.

“I don’t know if this is good or bad, but I realized I’ve become kind of a ‘gag character’. I get teased about things like my fashion sense, and I’ve been given the nickname ‘Nirooni’ (because of the incident when she totally misread the kanji characters for ‘2012’, thinking they were katakana characters spelling ‘nirooni’). But I didn’t have that kind of character from the beginning. Would it be that funny if I had started out that way? Is my character that of a gag character? What do you think?”

Hmm, well now, I wonder….

She looks back on this past year, wherein her concurrency in AKB48 and NMB48 allowed her to grow.

“I think doing both groups’ activities helped develop things like my endurance and my willpower. There’s a force of energy in NMB right now. Even the girls dancing together in the back row send out a great power and energy. But recently, the stage director told us ‘You might be giving it all you can, but push that power forward, to the point where it reaches the audience. As it is now, you are not doing that as well as AKB is.’

‘Now I see’, I thought. Certainly as far as putting power out there, AKB might be bigger on that. That might be partly because of the difference in levels of experience, but I think there’s also a difference in technique as far as expression goes. It’s just that, if we can accumulate various experiences from here on, I think that this overflowing power will be able to reach more fans. NMB still has so much more potential in this area.”

Feeling NMB’s quickening pace from experience, she says that the group already has a fire lit under it.

“After theater performances and concerts, for around an hour NMB will meet to review the performance. What made the people who came to watch have fun, what’s necessary to make a good performance, we’re always talking together about those kinds of things. When I see everyone talking passionately like that, I think once again that I have to do my best and try harder.”

And then, there was your predestined meeting in Osaka.

“Sayanee (Yamamoto Sayaka) was in the ‘Everyday, Katyusha’ senbatsu with me, and we were together for the CD jacket shoot as well. At that time we had normal conversations, but we only became friends after I transferred. We’re a ton alike. Both of us are very frank, and we think so much alike it’s scary! Lately, when we stay at hotels it’s always ‘Yokoyamamoto’ when we’re rooming together, and we stay up late talking together. About the team, about the group, about where the 48 group will go from here…. Our talks are really heated (laughs). Meeting Sayanee was a big thing for me. I might be the only one thinking this, but I get the feeling I could be friends with her for the rest of my life.”

The situation around her changing, Yokoyama has renewed her feelings and resolved to aim higher. She has decided on 10th as her goal for this election.

“Like last year, I want to aim higher, so I decided on 10th. It’s just, I have no idea what will happen at this year’s election. I get the feeling that the participants are really something different from last year, so…. But to me, this election is a ‘battle’. I want to become an unshakable member of the group, so I think a good outcome would be great.”


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