AKB48 2017 Election Appeal Videos – Team K

Ichikawa Manami: I’m AKB48 Team K’s Ichikawa Manami. There might be people watching this appeal comment who don’t know who I am, so I’ll do a simple self-introduction. Here’s my name, my Team, and my birthday. I was born on August 26th and right now I’m 17 years old. My hobbies are manga, anime and games. Recently my manga collection grew to over 1000 volumes – I have a lot of manga at home. Also, my favorite job to do is performing at the theater. I use SNS, a blog and video sites, but I like the theater most where I can see you all in person. Last month, for the first time since I joined the group, I was able to perform in the first performance of a theater show. This costume is part of that stage, from the solo I was chosen to perform. Finally, my motto is “100% is even better than 100 points”, so I hope you will all support me as I give 100% to this year’s election. This was AKB48 Team K’s Ichikawa Manami.

Shinozaki Ayana: I’m AKB48 Team K’s Shinozaki Ayana. At the election two years ago, you all gave me the wonderful ranking of 78th. It was the first time I ranked in. Last year, my ranking ended up being 94th, so this year I definitely want to rank in again and stand on that stage once more. At the 13th generation performance at the beginning of the year, I played the part of a young servant [shoudou], so that’s what I’m dressed as now. And I wrote the characters for “fight” [shoubu] so I’ll write those with a brush pen again now. Here goes. I’m done. Ta-da! “Shoubu”! I’ll definitely win this fight and stand on the stage again! I have to do this! This was Shinozaki Ayana. Byebye.

Shimada Haruka: [nameplate: YUNBO Shimada] Hey! What are you doin’?! Are you even listenin’?! You bastard! I ain’t heard of no appeal comment! What am I even supposed to do?! Guess I have no choice. I’ll turn back to idol Shimada in a jiffy, since I got no choice! I’m puttin’ the water in! And the cup too! Just a minute! “You have 15 seconds left!” Ah, crap. Costume, gimme the costume! [nameplate: Shimada Haruka] Hi, good afternoon. I’m AKB48’s Shimada Haruka. Please support me!

Shimoguchi Hinana: I’m AKB48 Team K’s Shimoguchi Hinana. In my appeal comment this time, there’s something I want to tell everyone. I wanna shine even brighter! I wanna be more noticeable! I want you all to see more of me! More, more, more! And so my goal for this election is to be the center of Future Girls, 49th! But even more than that, I just want to rank in. Until now, there have been a lot of tough and sad things, but the fans have always supported me. I’ll never forget that. Please keep supporting me. Thank you very much. And now I’m off! But let’s do this together. To the top!

Tano Yuka: Everyone, hello. I’m AKB48 Team K’s Tano Yuka. At last year’s election, it was the first time I didn’t even rank in, but I took it optimistically and have been putting my nose to the grindstone. Well, last year as well as this year, I’ve been doing plays and work outside of AKB, and I think all of that has helped me level up. I ran for election this year in hopes I can rank in again, so please cheer for me, everyone. This was Tano Yuka.

Fujita Nana: I’m AKB48 Team K’s Fujita Nana. Actually, this year I didn’t choose to participate in the election until the last second. I received a lot of comments and letters from fans, and consulted a lot with the people around me, and in the end I decided to make a decision my future self wouldn’t regret. So I decided that while I’m in AKB, I should do things that I can only do in AKB, and I applied for the election. Thank you very much to everyone who’s always supporting me. Let’s take everything at our own pace and move forward like that. I believe there is nothing that goes to waste in life, so please also believe in yourselves, smile, and move forward! I’m counting on you this year again!

Minegishi Minami: I told you all a lie. I’m AKB48 Team K’s Minegishi Minami. Last year, I said it would be my last election, but here I am sitting here again. I should shave my head in apology, but I don’t want to cause more trouble for AKB so I won’t. As for why I said that last year would be my final election, it’s because I wanted to end my AKB career cleanly. However, now that I’m the last 1st gen standing, my thinking has changed. My 1st gen peers such as Maeda Atsuko, Takahashi Minami, and Kojima Haruna only graduated after they were satisfied with the mark they had left. In that regard, I want to show you that I’m unabashedly staying in the group to find what I can do for it. I might not be who I want to be in the group right now, but no matter what result I get, I will stand on the stage and show a cool and sportsmanlike face worthy of AKB. I, Minegishi Minami, will not worry too much about my ranking, and fight to the end! Please cheer me on! [sign] I want senbatsu.

Mukaichi Mion: Hi, I’m AKB48 Team K’s Mukaichi Mion aka Miion. I love AKB so much that for this year’s appeal I want to make a speech using every title of AKB’s singles! The allotted time will be 1 minute! Ready, start! My goal this year is, basically, Kami7. I want to be an idol you wanted to come see [aitakatta]. Well, I’m 19, so it’s still the age where my school uniform is in the way [seifuku ga jama wo suru], but I want you to call me Team K[eibetsu shiteita aijou]’s ace. I’ll dance nimb[ingo]ly because you all are my sun [boku no taiyou] and I would love if you called me your sunset [yuuhi]. What I need right now is…romance? Ah, I don’t need that [romance, irane]. By the way, how much longer do I have? “20 seconds”. Ah, uh-oh, not a lot of time. Wow, there are a lot of singles. A lot goes on in life, and there are a lot of singles too. Ah, aren’t I in a high position right now [shuza]? It’s always eternal pressure. This has gone on so long, I wanna do a sayonara crawl. Yeah, I like Koi suru fortune cookie a lot. And Heart ereki! Suzukake no ki no michi ni kimi no hohoemi wo mite shimattara bo-

Mogi Shinobu: I’ll mogimogi your heart. I’m Team K’s Mogi Shinobu aka Mogi-chan. This year I decided to run for election! 2 years ago I was 57th and last year I was 47th. I was able to rank in thanks to all you fans – I was so happy, thank you very much. However, this past year I wasn’t chosen to be on music shows and I didn’t appear on the singles or coupling songs very much. Every member in AKB is aiming for a different thing, but I personally am aiming to be in as many music videos and music shows as possible while I’m an AKB member. To make that come true and rank in again is the reason I decided to join the election this year. I’m reaching high – my goal is Undergirls. In February, I turned 20, so on the occasion I rank in, I’d like to toast you all with this! Please support me!

Yumoto Ami: I’m AKB48 Team K’s 19 year old Yumoto Ami. Ever since last year’s election, I was in a number of things such as the Majisuka Gakuen stage play, some dance work, and I got 2nd place in the Rock Paper Scissors tournament last year. I also play a role in Tofu Pro Wrestling, which is currently airing. This year, there were a lot of chances for fans to see me in things. That’s why I hope we can rally after the preliminary annoucements and be able to cry happy tears in Okinawa. Please cheer me on. This was Yumoto Ami.


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