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AKB48 2017 Election Appeal Videos – Team 4

Iino Miyabi: I’m AKB48 Team 4’s Iino Miyabi. This year, I’m running for election. Last year, my dream of ranking into the preliminary ranking couldn’t come true. This year, I’m turning 20 years old. The first time I entered the election, I was 16. So this year, I applied with the will of a 20 year old adult. I hope you’ll watch over me taking my first steps as an adult. Please cheer me on!

Iwatate Saho: Everyone, Ya~ho~ Suddenly, it’s starting! Sahho’s Scallop Answer Corner. This time, I’ll be answering some questions you’ve sent in. Let’s start with a letter from “I wanna do voice training-san”: “When Sahho orders from a menu at a restaurant, does she give her order too fast?” Hehe, I wonder which it is? The answer is: to~oo sl~ow. The next question is from “Scallops really are the best-san”: “Which train station lunches are you interested in lately?” Station lunches? As far as station lunches go, Okinawa has one from Tsubogawa station. It has things like sashimi, tempura, and a lot of things you can’t eat anywhere but Okinawa. I’m super interested in it, and I really want to eat it! Next question, from [???]: “I hear the election is in Okinawa this year? Will Sahho be in it?” Eh? Really? Okinawa? If I don’t go, nothing will happen for me! Everyone, this year, let’s do our vocal exercises toward Okinawa’s blue sky, okay? It’s a promise! Eh? Time’s already up? To~oo fa~st. That’s all for now, your host has been AKB48’s Iwatate Saho. Byebye!

Okawa Rio: Hello, I’m AKB48 Team 4’s 16 year old Okawa Rio. For this year’s election, first this costume I’m wearing is black, a little more grown-up and chic. For last year’s election, I picked a white dress, but this year I thought I’d challenge myself by wearing black, so I chose this dress. Also this year, my goal is to rank in. If I rank in, since I turned 16 this year, I’ll be able to get a lot more different kinds of work, and for the election there’s the Mizugi Surprise, so I’m aiming for that. Everyone, please cheer me on! This was Okawa Rio.

Omori Miyu: [singing Heartgata Virus] It’s like I’ve been infected by a heart-shaped virus that no injection can cure. All I can think about is you, and I can’t do anything about it… This can’t be! Or so I thought, but you know… it seems like I love you! Hi, I’m AKB48 Team 4’s Omori Miyu. This year I want to take my mastery of idolhood one step further and make even more people fall in love with me! So more and more people will be head over heels for me, please cheer me on!

Okada Nana: I’m a member of AKB48’s Team 4 and also of STU48, Okada Nana. In this year’s election, the same as last year, I want to aim for Kami7. So that I can be a leader of the AKB48 Group, I feel the Kami7 wall is one I must overcome. I know it’s an incredibly difficult goal to set, but I hope to cross over that wall with the help of the fans. By all means, I hope you will keep supporting me.

Kawamoto Saya: I’m AKB48 Team 4’s Kawamoto Saya. Last year, I ranked 27th in the election and I’m very grateful, thank you. My goal for this year’s election is to rank into senbatsu. Until now, I haven’t had enough confidence in myself, but in order to become a senbatsu member this year, I need to become someone who has self-confidence. As someone who was born in Hokkaido, my burning feelings won’t lose to the Okinawan heat. Please cheer me on.

Kitazawa Saki: [singing RESET] Let the wind in, Team! Open your eyes! Stand up right here! Let the wind in, starting today it’s all new, we are the 13th generation! Good afternoon everyone, I’m AKB48 Team 4 and 13th generation member Kitazawa Saki aka Sakki! This year, for the first time ever, we 13th gens had a concert all by ourselves! But that’s not where we want to stop! We want to aim much, much higher! This year’s election, I’m aiming to rank in for the first time! And to bring luck this year, I wore a more adult costume for my election poster so please check it out! Finally, I’d like to sing the song my unit performed. [singing Kamoku na tsuki] Believing in you, I’ll follow you. I don’t need a map, I’ll go anywhere with you. You’re shy so you don’t hold my hand, but you’re nonchalantly watching over me. Thank you! Please support me!

Kojima Mako: [sign] I’m AKB48 Team 4’s Kojima Mako. [sign] Actually, I’m getting my teeth straightened so I can’t speak right now. I’m sorry. [sign] This year, my election goal is… [sign] Sincerity (Makoto). [sign] This is it. [sign] With the “sincerity” that’s in my name, I’ll earnestly, purely, straightforwardly… [sign] Enjoy myself! That’s my intention. [sign] I’m counting on your support, [sign] thank you very much!

Komiyama Haruka: To all those who support me and love AKB48, thank you as always! I’m AKB48 Team 4’s Komiyama Haruka aka Komiharu! This year I’m running for election again, and I know the election tends to cause drama. Two years ago, I shed bitter tears with all of you, and last year they were tears of joy. For this year’s election, I don’t know if it’ll cause the fans unpleasant feelings, and there might be trying times ahead, but still – sharing the tough times and happy times is what AKB48 is about! And so, this year, I’m aiming for senbatsu. When I make it to senbatsu, I want to shed joyous tears with you all, so please cheer me on!

Sato Kiara: Hello, I’m AKB48 Team 4’s 15th generation Sato Kiara aka Kiichan. This past year I feel I’ve grown a lot in performances thanks to the Boku no Taiyou performances, where I get to perform with many members, both senpai and kouhai, from Team A to Team 4. Until recently, I haven’t been able to perform with any senpai members except those close to my generation, and in Boku no Taiyou we perform songs across a range from cheerful to adult. At handshake events the fans tell me I’ve improved my facial expressions and other aspects of my performance, and I’ve been on AKBINGO recently as well. This year I’ve gotten pretty tired of my old character, so for this year’s election I want to…hope I can…rip up my old character and bring you a brand new Sato Kiara. Please cheer me on. This was Sato Kiara.

Takahashi Juri: Good afternoon, everyone. I’m AKB48 Team 4’s Takahashi Juri. This year I’ve entered the election again! Definitely, definitely cheer me on, please. Last year, I ranked 15th, so now I’m going to do 15 funny faces. Ready, start! One…two…three…um, I can’t think of any more, so seeing as I could only do 3, this year I’ll work hard and aim for 3rd place! Everyone, please cheer me on! This was Takahashi Juri.

Nozawa Rena: I’m AKB48 Team 4’s Nozawa Rena. I’ve applied to run in this year’s election. I graduated high school this year, and I want to show you how much I’ve grown this past year. Please cheer me on. And so, this time I want to show you some psychic ability! First, I’m going to make this finger fly. Here we go. Fly! It’s going to fly… it flew! Did you all see it? Next, I’ll bend this spoon. Everyone, try it with me. Three, two one…Bend! Um…it won’t bend? Well, I couldn’t do it this time, but actually that’s not the important part. Since this video started, 5 things have changed. I wonder what those 5 things could be? Everyone, rewind to the beginning and check again!



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Okada Nana G+ Aug.19.16

チーム4公演だったのですが …
After a long time, we finally
had a Team 4 performance …

Kii-chan, congratulations
on your 16th birthday 😍🎉

What Kii-chan said she
hoped for while she’s 16
were all really moving words

She’s younger than me
but she’s so much more dependable,
I thought she was really cool 😢


1人 ですね😌💟
is one of the young members
whose future I’m really
looking forward to😌💟


Team K’s Abe Maria-san
performed with us
as an understudy (;_;)

凄く和んだし … 楽しいんです😳🌻
Having Abe-san
on the team was very calming
…and fun 😳🌻

I’m very grateful
that she performed with us

and memorized the dances
in such a short time 😭😭😭

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Komiyama Haruka G+ Aug.19.16

Today was Kii-chan’s birthday stage 🎂🎁🎉✨

Kii-chan, once again, happy 16th birthday!

すごくきぃちゃんが大人になっていてすごく驚きましたΣ(・□・ )
Kii-chan seems so grown up now, it’s such a shock Σ(・□・ )

During the MCs, the performance, and her speech,
and even her way of thinking.

From the beginning, Kii-chan has had a strong sense of morality and she’s a very straightforward girl, but she’s always had trouble conveying her own feelings to others and she’s pretty awkward at it

but today during her birthday speech, she conveyed her emotions and thoughts to the fans very eloquently ✨

When everyone was calling me “self-centered” and saying “you need that character”,

Kii-chan got angry on my behalf, saying “Komi is not self-centered”

それが本当に嬉しかった^ ^♡
That really made me happy ^ ^♡

In the past, Kii-chan and I behaved childishly and fought with each other,

but now I understand Kii-chan
and Kii-chan understands me

She understands me so well, she’s very important to me (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

I love everything about Kii, how straightforward she is, her kindness, her willingness to get angry on behalf of others, and how hard a worker she is💕



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Omori Miyu G+ Aug.19.16

Good eveningpon!

今日は久しぶりの4公演でした(T . T)
Today we had the first Team 4 performance in a long time (T . T)
During the self-introduction MC,
I was given a “Welcome back!” call from the audience,
and it made me so happy😭💓

やっぱりここが原点だなぁと改めて思いました(T . T)
Seeing the view from the stage after so long, making eye contact with the members and fans. It made me realize over again that this is definitely our home base(T . T)

I’m looking forward to the next performance\(^o^)/

Kii-chan, congrats on turning 16 🎉
“I’m going to save my money in the bank.”
When that came out of Kii-chan’s mouth I was so surprised I couldn’t help but laugh…lol
This Kii-chan who is so adult, she’s cute and I love her too \(^o^)/

And then Abe-san!
She told me “I only had a short time to memorize
everything, but it was really fun!” 😭
I hope we can perform together again sometime \(^o^)/

Starting tomorrow
I want to enjoy each and every day to the fullest.!


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Omori Miyu G+ Aug.18.16

Good eveningpon\(^o^)/

Today I had practice for a play🌟
“Do you know where my soul is?”
It’s full of warm and passionate scenes,
so following that, I feel
“Omori-san has gotta work hard too!”…

頑張りやす( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
It’s a role that’s totally different from who
I am normally…yeah
I’ll do my best ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

We’re having the first Team 4 performance in a while 👀

And for me personally,
it’s a comeback performance! lol
Even so, I know it’ll be fun \(^o^)/


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in さいたまスーパーアリーナ
AKB Group sports tournament
in Saitama Super Arena

Thank you to everyone
who came😭❤️

楽しくて、燃えました … 🔥💪🏻
There were some accidents
and a lot of other things happened
but it was fun, and I got fired up … 🔥💪🏻

The team vs team relay
was an especially climactic battle

All the members were so
gutsy! serious! they tried hard 😢

Every time I see
someone giving it their 100%
I get…sniffly(;_;)

Team 4
wasn’t able to win
but it feels like
we gained something much more important ☺️ yup

Everyone from NGT,
congratulations on your win😍🎉❤️

CMいいなぁ〜 いいなぁ〜
It’s good to have a CM〜 it’s a good prize〜


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Omori Miyu G+ Aug.6.16

Good eveningpon(◦’︶’◦)

ありがとう(T . T)🌟
The athletic meet is over!
I somehow became in charge of cheering, but I saw my name out in the audience!
I was happy and it gave me power.
Thank you(T . T)🌟

Unfortunately, we couldn’t pull off a win, but
when I saw the figures of everyone fighting for our team,
and how we rushed up to our members who had finished running in the relay,
I felt our bonds as Team 4.

チーム4大好きだぁぁ( ; ; )🌟
Lately I’ve been feeling very strongly “I’m so glad I’m part of Team 4〜”
I love Team 4 so much( ; ; )🌟


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving👀💓

うちわ待ってる…( ̄ー ̄)❤️
Everyone who’s in the Miyupon seats〜!??
I want to convey my heartfelt thanks. \(^o^)/
I’ll be waiting for the hand fans…( ̄ー ̄)❤️


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