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To all the Korean fans of Gotou Moe

(Original post)

(2018/05/10 Taken at the unveiling event in Korea)

I’m writing this post in hopes that Korean Gotou Moe fans especially will read it.

Right now, I’m extremely happy.

That’s because all the Moe-chan fans in Korea are sharing so much information about her being in Korea.

But the thing I’m most happy about is that Moe-chan is being promoted all across Korea.

It’s been so beneficial to Moe-chan that she had become known to Korean fans even before the “Produce48” program started airing.

I am truly thankful.

Moe-chan will soon celebrate her 17th birthday. Her birthday is on 5/20.

I’m sure Moe-chan would love it if Korean fans posted congratulation messages on her Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts.





Also, I believe she will be in Seoul doing events on the date of her birthday.

If so, if any of you happens to be near her at the time,
it would be great if you could wish her “Happy Birthday!” in person.

Another thing I have to post here,

starting at 10:00 on 5/29 the voting period opens for the general election and the voting serial numbers are included in AKB48’s 52nd CD single “Teacher Teacher”. If any of you are considering buying votes for Moe-chan,

I would like to recommend a service aimed at helping people who live overseas vote for her.


Because this is an official AKB48 service, rest assured that you can use it with no problems.

The serial numbers will be sent to you in an e-mail.
(Further explanation can be found on the website itself.
You can also switch it into English).

The polling ends on 6/15 at 15:00.

Moe-chan is a participant in the 52nd CD single,

in the coupling song “Romance junbichuu” on Type A. She also appears in the MV.
If you are planning on buying the CD, Type A might be the best one.

I’m sorry, but this last part was not something I’m asking you to do.
I just thought in case there were some people who wanted to vote but didn’t know how to, that I would post some information explaining the methods. Please don’t misunderstand.

It seems like we’re in for a hot summer this year.

Please keep supporting Gotou Moe.


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