45th Single Election Appeal Comments (Team N)

        Akashi Natsuko
“I’m NMB48 Team N’s Akashi Natsuko aka Nattsu. This time it’s my 4th election. In my past appeal videos I did stuff that was a bit weird like eating ramen and singing, but this time I’m wearing a sailor uniform and going back to a more serious image. Thanks to all the fans who have been supporting me up til now. For this election, I’m going to work really hard for you guys.  I hope I can rank in for the first time this year and share smiles with you on that stage. To everyone who knows me and didn’t know me until now, please cheer me on. Thank you. I’ll take the top! [sings Teppen Tottande]”
     Ishida Yuumi
“I’m NMB48 Team N’s Ishida Yuumi aka Yuumin. This year will be year 5 since I joined NMB. During the handshake events right after I joined NMB, there were days when not a single person came to see me. I haven’t really been able to raise my status in the group, and I’ve spent the last 4 years working as a research student, being passed up by draft and junior members. I considered giving up so many times, but thanks to perseverance I was chosen for ‘Must Be Now’ senbatsu, my first senbatsu! The same way I didn’t give up and was chosen for senbatsu, I want to keep aiming to rank in during the election! So if I rank in, I’ll go to handshake events wearing this Vietnamese dress! Even if it was just a tiny bit, I hope you learned something about Ishida Yuumi! Please root for me!”
        Oota Yuuri
“Thank you to everyone watching this appeal video. I’m NMB48 Team N’s Oota Yuuri aka Yuuri. My motive for running for election this year is my involvement in NMB48’s Amagamihime single and double-centering the Team N coupling song with Sutou Ririka. A center is someone who the whole team relies on and who represents the image of the team. This year I became a 2nd year high school student and I got my bearings and led my team. Though I’m a very modest person, I want to revv up NMB’s excitement factor! For that, I need a personality without borders, and I don’t need modesty. And so, here and now, I’m going to destroy modesty! Goodbye, modesty!”
        Katou Yuuka
“You there! If you’re careless [ukauka], Uuka is gonna snatch away your heart! Better get ready! I’m 18 year old Osaka-born Kato Yuuka aka Uuka. Last year, my dream came true and I ranked in for the first time thanks to all your support. Thank you so much. And the year after was full of opportunities for me. I got to try performing solo on guitar, and I was chosen as a front member of the dance senbatsu for NMB48’s “Must Be Now” single. I love dancing so much, and that really gave me confidence. Now I’ll play a song that’s very dear to me, with these lyrics: ‘I gotta do it! Putting my spirit into it, I’ll bust through the wall.’ The 48 Group has a lot of talented seniors and members, and in order to breach that wall I want to aim higher and higher with my fans! As an individual and as an idol, I’m going to put everything I have into doing my best! Please cheer me on! Now then let’s part to the sound of guitar. [sings Hajimete no Hoshi]”
     Kishino Rika
“Hello everyone, I’m NMB48 Team N’s Kishino Rika. This year I’m shooting a video for the election too…for this election, my spirit…no, I mean, I feel that I definitely want to rank in. I haven’t ranked in before. As long as I’ve been in the AKB48 group, my goal has been to rank in at the election. This year, that feeling is stronger than ever. As an idol, I want to stand on that stage. Lately I’ve been chatting with all of you, and wondering if my feelings have gotten across. I want my strong emotions about this to come across so that come the real election I can stand on that stage, say I’m truly happy and bring everyone else happiness too. Thank you. Now, since I’m out of time, please listen to 365nichi no kamihikouki. [sings 365nichi no kamihikouki]”
        Koga Narumi
“No matter what happens[narunaru], this Narunaru will narunarunarunaru, naru…[I give up] Naru!~ Thank you. Born in Osaka, I’m 18 year old Koga Narumi aka Naru. This year I graduated from school, and now I’m pushing on idol-only style! Also, I’m taking the path to adulthood one step at a time. To bring Koga quality to people everywhere, I want to emerge onto the world stage! I would love to see a great view from the election stage with all of you. From here on, please keep supporting me! Thank you!”
        Jo Eriko
“NMB48 Team N’s Jo Eriko aka Jo here. This time I decided to wear the ‘Nandomo Nerae’ costume. It’s a symbol of never giving up no matter how many times you may fail. I left the decision of whether or not to run for election to the very last minute, as long as there is a chance…the probability isn’t 0 and there is still meaning in trying, so I decided to submit my candidacy. My goal is to rank in. I still haven’t ranked in, so this year for sure I want to stand on that stage. Please root for me. Feeling superb [joujou], our crew’s [jouin] superb too! Byebye~”
       Sutou Ririka
“Hi to everyone who’s my senior in the world! I’m NMB48’s Sutou Ririka aka Riripon! Last year in the election I wasn’t able to rank in, but a year has passed now where I was chosen for center and received many other opportunities too! My dream for the future is to be a philosopher. I joined the group to help that dream come true. The reason I want to be one is…ah! What’s this doing here?! Yes! I joined this group to drive off the perils of life [book’s title]!! Everyone, let’s go see the future of the 48 Group together! The only people who can fight for this era are we who are living in it right now! Everyone, please cheer me on!”
        Nishizawa Rurina
“I’m NMB48 Team N’s Nishizawa Rurina aka Ruririn. After leaping into this world, 5 years have passed by so fast, but I still haven’t been able to carve out the picture that I’ve envisioned. So I want to challenge myself more and find many more sides to myself. And so I’m going to drink this soda in one go!”
        Yamao Rina
“I’m NMB48 Team N’s Yamao Rina. Between last election and now, I learned to play guitar! I’m going to play Yume no Dead Body for you all today. Here I go~ [performs] Thank you. Just like I challenged myself with guitar, I’d like to try a lot of other things too so that I can bring you all even more fun. I’m a girl who will try anything! Please cheer for me.”
        Yamamoto Sayaka
[gorillas out]
 Yoshida Akari
“Hello, everyone! I’m Yoshida Akari aka Akarin. Sorry to spring this on you suddenly, but I created a channel on a famous video site that deals with beauty and makeup tips for women. Do you know about it? Online videos can reach even people who live in the countryside, so I started it to help girls from all over the country. Up until now I hadn’t had clear goals while making those videos, but now I have a lot of them and I’ll let you in on them here. First, I want a lot of people to see these Womanly Charms videos – I want them to be useful to women. Also, I would like to create cosmetics and appear in commercials. And one more thing: to be interesting to men as well, I’d like to put a lot of photographs [and something else idk] in the videos. In conclusion, I’ve found a lot of things I’d like to do. That said, I’d love to better shoot for this, but my popularity isn’t high enough yet! I’ll be 20 before long. That’s why I’m really in a hurry to raise my popularity this year. So I’m aiming to get the best ranking I can! And also, I want NMB to have a shining year this year! All you NMB supporters out there, let’s make NMB heat up this year! Please cheer for me! That’s all from NMB48’s womanly charms expert Yoshida Akari aka Akarin! Please watch ‘Womanly Charms’!”


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