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AKB48 2017 Election Appeal Videos – Team A

Oya Shizuka: I’m AKB48 Team A’s Oya Shizuka. This year I’m running for election again. Every year, I run for election with the hopes of ranking in, but this year I want to rank in more than ever. The reason why is because at the Kouhaku ranking at the end of last year, I somehow, unbelievably, managed to rank in at #12. Since then, I was chosen for senbatsu for Shoot Sign and Negaigoto no Mochigusare. Me, Oya Shizuka, who was always at research student status, has been on the receiving end of such an unexpected miracle as being chosen for senbatsu twice in a row. I have strong feelings of not wanting to waste this chance to rank in at election. When I ranked in at the NHK senbatsu, people told me “it’s not because you’re popular, it’s just because you’re well-known”. I really want to see that assumption overturned, so I want to rank in more than ever before. Everyone, please aim along with me for rank-in at the election. Please cheer me on! This was Oya Shizuka.

Kojima Natsuki: Good afternoon, everyone. I’m AKB48 Yokoyama Team A’s Kojima Natsuki aka Nattsun. Right, last year and the year before that, in the preliminary ranking, we were able to hear my name called. This year for sure! I want to hear my name called and rank in at the real event! And this year we’re going to Okinawa! So look what I’m wearing! Ta-da! When you think of Okinawa, you think of the ocean, and when you think of the ocean you think of mermaids! So I dressed up as a mermaid princess! Last, I’ll give you an Okinawan goodbye while I do a sexy pose! Here goes~ Byebye!

Sasaki Yukari: I’m AKB48 Team A’s Sasaki Yukari. Rank 47. Rank 50. Rank 38. I have so many, I’m very grateful. And as always, thank you very much. My goal this election is to make it to Undergirls. Let’s go! Yeah!

Takita Kayoko: I’m AKB48 Team A’s Takita Kayoko aka Kayoyon. This election will be my 4th one. In all the elections previous to this one, unfortunately, I was unable to rank in, but this year I’m fired up to rank in even more than usual. This has been quite a fulfilling year for me, personally. I got to perform in a lot of stages and I achieved my goal of getting more people to come to my booth at handshake events. I think I was able to deepen the bonds with my fans even more this year, and I hope that can translate to ranking in during the election. I also turned 20 this year, a year the young members don’t want to think about. But I can’t be coddled anymore; we older members have to lead AKB48. And to support that feeling, it would be nice to rank in. I have a lot of talents, and one of them is drawing. So I thought it would be cool to use it to appeal to you guys even more. I’m aiming! To rank in!

Taniguchi Megu: I’m AKB48 Yokoyama Team A’s Taniguchi Megu. Last year, thanks to all the fans who support me, I was able to rank in at 69th! I was seriously so happy! However, since ranking in, I’ve been unable to pay back the debt I owe to my fans, and every time I thought of it I felt frustrated. Honestly, the election scares me. Every year, I get nervous around this time. But trust me when I say that the choice to run away from the election was never one I considered. I won’t run away from the chance every member has to rank in, so I decided to participate assertively. My goal this year is to rank into Undergirls. I know better than anyone that that’s a very tough goal for me right now. However, I want to rank into Undergirls as a stepping stone to eventually rank into senbatsu. Everyone, please cheer me on.

Nakanishi Chiyori: I’m AKB48 Team A’s Nakanishi Chiyori. Last year, during the preliminaries, I ranked in at wonderful 47th. At that time, I was so happy I shed tears of joy, but at the actual event I kept thinking “where will I be? Won’t I be there?” with such anxiety. And in the end I wasn’t called, but after that I found out I was ranked 91st. I was really happy, but I kept feeling if only it were 11 places higher… That’s why, this year, definitely! I’m filled with feelings of wanting to smash through that wall and rank in! My soul is written right here, can you see it? [sign: X through ‘unranked’] I’ll go over there. This is my soul. See it? This is my soul.

Hiwatashi Yui: I’m AKB48 Team A’s Hiwatashi Yui aka Hiwatan! Everyone, hello! Right, to start off, I’ll show you my usual hobby and impersonate a schoolteacher. Here goes. Oww~ I bumped into the [??]. Do you know what I just bumped into? What I bumped into was over here. I had your full attention, so you were looking over here at me. Okay, that’s all. This is my second election. Last year, my goal was to have fun, and I achieved it. But this year, I applied with the intention to rank in! I’ll do my best to deliver everyone who supports me my brightest smile on June 17th! Let’s do our best to work towards our dreams! Please cheer me on again this year! Byebye!

Miyazaki Miho: I’m AKB48’s Miyazaki Miho. This year I applied for the election again. And once again, this year the venue is a long-distance trip, to Okinawa this time. And I’m really looking forward to going to Okinawa with all of you. Everyone, please start getting your beach bods ready! On the day of, make sure to put sunscreen on, spin your towels around and cheer me on!

Yokoyama Yui: I’m AKB48’s group general manager Yokoyama Yui. I want to say the election is what it is, and I want to hurry up and say that, but before that I want to convey to you my feelings about this year’s election. I feel a lot of momentous things have happened in the 48 Group this past year. That’s why I think this year’s election is also important. I want to say the election is what it is. But I’m honestly afraid of the election. I’m especially afraid of people thinking “She’s the general manager, but this is all the ranking she can get?”. And if they were to say “She’s awfully high and mightly to be fine with this ranking even though it’s low”, it pains me to admit it, but they’re absolutely right. I want to say the election is what it is. But, even so, I want to show everyone that I’m standing and facing it. I’ll do my very best, and I won’t be ashamed if my ranking falls. Also, during the member entrance, someone’s nameplate will definitely be upside-down.


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