AKB48 2017 Election Comments – Tashima Meru/Sashihara Rino (by request)

Tashima Meru: Hi, I’m HKT48 Team H’s Tashima Meru. At last year’s election, I ranked in at 43rd. Thank you very much for that. Now look at this Merusaurus here, do you know how it was born? Actually, it was born from my mind while I was wondering what kind of character to make as a personal character. At first it was a tiny Merusaurus, but with everyone’s love it started growing bigger and bigger. In this way, I hope it can keep growing even bigger by holding hands with everyone. [sign: Teaming up as one] My goal for the election is to rank within the 30s. Also, please let me tell you the pledge I thought up. I want to give the Merusaurus another shape, just like this one, and convey it to you. Ah, I was able to say it. While coming together in unity, this election I want to get bigger and bigger and rank up! Please cheer me on! Ei~ei~oh~

Sashihara Rino: Hello, everyone. I’m HKT48’s Sashihara Rino. This year’s election will be my last election. The reason for that is that I want to pass the baton to the younger members. And the reason I’m entering the election this year is because last year, even though I didn’t call it my last election, I was able to come in at #1. So I thought that if I didn’t enter this year, it would be like taking my win and running. That’s why I decided to enter this year. I might not be able to get 1st this year. Even so, I want to take up a fighting pose. I strongly believe that one cannot survive in the entertainment world without putting up a “fighting pose” at all times. That’s something I want to relay to my juniors. It’s something I’ve learned from the election. Well, that might have been me trying to sound cool, but anyway, I want to make my campaign pledge here! This year, I want to put on the 2nd Yubimatsuri! The details aren’t worked out yet, but I’ll start working on it if I get #1. Please look forward to it at that time. I’m gonna do my best to get 1st this year! Come at me!


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One response to “AKB48 2017 Election Comments – Tashima Meru/Sashihara Rino (by request)

  1. Bibian

    Could you post an election comment about Murakawa Bibian?

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