Komiyama Haruka G+ Aug.26.16

Today was Sei-chan’s birthday stage🎉🎂🎁

They asked me “Do you want to perform in the B stage on the 26th?”, and when I heard it was Seina’s birthday stage I just had to perform

I’m so glad I did💕

I’m happy I got to see Seina’s growth and feel the warmth of her fans from beside her(o^^o)

I was allowed to direct the birthday festivities,
and read aloud the letter that Mion wrote…but what she wrote was exactly how I feel about Seina too, so my reading was full of my feelings for her as well💗

Seina said “I wonder if I will be able to influence someone’s life in the stories of Komi and Mion”,
but to me she is an absolutely irreplaceable and important existence

I want to support Seina and I will support her, but…for me, Seina actually supports me, and I receive a lot of support from her.

From here on let’s both support each other, rely on each other, and work hard to cultivate our characters!!!




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