Komiyama Haruka G+ Aug.17.16

今日は「bayfm ON8+1、宮崎美穂プレゼンツ!柱NIGHT WITH AKB48」に出演させていただきました♪
Today I appeared on “bayfm ON8+1, Miyazaki Miho Presents! Pillar NIGHT WITH AKB48″♪

Thank you to everyone who listened(pq´v`*)

I was with Mogi-san and Juri-san, seniors who I get along with well, so I was able to have fun without being nervous\(^o^)/

Before the radio show, I hung out with some friends(。>∀<。)ノ

The 3 I talked about on AKBINGO!💛💛💛

They’re friends from elementary and middle school, so they understand me well and it was really fun(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

They support my work wholeheartedly,

and they were by my side when I was feeling alienated from my classmates when I wasn’t able to go to school because of work

Those 3 are really special to me💕

Right now we’re all going to different high schools, so I’m very glad we’re still able to get together and have fun like this✨

I was happy to see them today after a long time(o^^o)




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