Komiyama Haruka G+ Jul.23.16

Today, for the first time we ran the play at the Akasaka ACT Theater like we were doing it for real o(>▽<)o

もう明後日が本番…! 今の私の感情はドキドキワクワクって言葉が1番ピッタリです✨
And the real thing is the day after tomorrow…! The perfect words to describe what I’m feeling right now are excited and nervous ✨

It’s the first time I’d performed a full-blown play so I was really anxious, but playing a completely new ‘yankee me’ is so much fun (。>∀<。)ノ

Also, Nana-san and Ryouka-san
both told me “I like your acting, Komi”,

and it gave me a lot of self- confidence, since they’re both seniors I admire (o^^o)

…I’m the type who’s bolstered by praise (pq´v`*)

I hope I can make the most of the next two days of practice, so I can make as much progress as possible o(。・ヘ・θ

The members of the Majisuka play will work hard to combine our powers!!!




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