Komiyama Haruka G+ Jul.6.16

Today we had a recording for “AKBINGO!”☆

今回は新しい企画をたくさんして新鮮で楽しかったです(。>∀<。)ノ This time we had a lot of new segments, it was very fresh and fun(。>∀<。)ノ

Ever since Woman Rush Hour took over the MC, while we’re recording I keep reminding myself “this is a new AKBINGO!”!

I’ll do my best to search for my role in the new show,
to understand it, and to do whatever I’m able to doo(。・ヘ・θ

I wondered “was I able to speak well in today’s recording?”, so…finding points to reflect on, I have to polish my talk skills for AKBINGO!’s sake, so that it can be even more exciting!

There’s a bit of news from me on today’s AKBINGO! for everyone who reads Komi+, so…I hope you’ll definitely watch (*_*)✨

Everyone, please check it out💕

I put some photos I took during the AKBINGO! recording up on my Instagram at “komiharu_official” (o^^o)
I really liked the way they turned out❤️




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