45th Single Election Appeal Comments (SKE48 Team Kenkyuusei)

Aikawa Honoka
“I want to deliver warm moments to many people. Even if I trip or bump into something, I’m all smiles. I love oranges. I’m 12 year old SKE48 Research Student Aikawa Honoka aka Honono. Just like I say in my catchphrase, I love oranges. It’s my dream to be a pretty and cute orange like this someday. This is my second election, but it’s only been a year since I joined SKE48, so there are probably a lot of people who don’t know who I am. I would like it if a lot of people remember me as Aikawa Honoka, the girl who loves oranges. Thank you.”
 Asai Yuuka
“Speaking of mushrooms you think of… Only Enoki! Who will you fall in love with? Only Yuuka! Thank you. I’m 12 year old SKE48 Research Student Asai Yuuka aka Yuukatan. Last year was the first election I participated in. Listening to the speeches of my seniors, I learned a lot. This year as well, I plan to do the same, and my goal this year is to get a lot more people to recognize me. That’s why I decided to participate this year. I don’t want to let the goal before me go to waste, so I’m counting on all of you. And so I can rank in someday, I’ll always be setting my sights on moving one step up. Thank you.”
       Oota Ayaka
“Okay, everyone say it with me please~ I’ll play a melody in everyone’s hearts. One, two, Ayamelody!~ Thank you. I’m 15 years old from Gifu prefecture, Oota Ayaka aka Ayamelo. Yay~! Eh, today I have something to tell you all that I’ve been thinking over for a while, but please listen without worry. This costume I’m wearing, it’s a costume I had the costume designer make for me for the Janken Tournament. This election, I want to recover! Everyone, please cheer for me! Yay~”
    Kataoka Narumi
“You, and you too, Naruppi will make you happy. As small as I am, my movements are large. I’m SKE48 Research Student Kataoka Narumi aka Naruppi. This will be my 2nd election. Last year I had just joined SKE, and I was just thankful to be attending the election that I had up til then only seen on TV. This year, I decided to run for election because a year has passed and I feel more like I can make an appeal as a member of the 48 Group. My goal is to rank in, and I’ll work hard towards that. I’ll be counting on you from now on!”
    Kawasaki Narumi
“Hello everyone, I’m SKE48 Research Student Kawasaki Naruchin!~ You too will fall for Naruchiin!~ Thank you. I’m 18 year old college student Kawasaki Narumi. Today I’d like to introduce myself here. In the first ever fan poll for 7th generation research students, I passed and debuted in March of last year. From the start I was an SKE wota and supported Kizaki Yuria and Azuma Rion. No, even now I oshi them. That’s right, I’m a wotaku. And I’m a leader of MCs in the Research Student theater performances! I’m not great at dancing or singing, but my MC skills are extreme! I aim to be like my senior, Shibata Aya. Last year I hadn’t been in the group long before election and I thought I’d just like to get all the SKE48 fans to know who I am. This time it’s been a year since I joined, so I’d like every 48 Group fan to know my face and name! Also, please fall in love with me! Narucchi follows ‘first come, first served’! Thank you!”
        Suenaga Oka
“SKE’s cherry blossom ‘Oo-chan’, thank you. I’m Suenaga Oka aka Oo-chan. The reason I’m running for election this year is that I don’t think any experience I have with SKE is worthless. This election, anyone who gets to know who I am, please come to the SKE theater and see me in person. Anything I can do to ensure a shining future for SKE, I will do with all my strength! Everyone, please cheer me on. This was SKE48’s cherry blossom Suenaga Oka aka Oo-chan.”
       Takahata Yuki
“An SKE48 Research Student from Kagawa prefecture, my name is Takahata Yuki aka Hatagon. Before I joined SKE, I worked as a company employee. The suit I’m wearing right now is something I actually wore back then. It really draws the eye. It’s been a year since I joined SKE, and I think I’ve come a long way towards being more idol-like. And since I come from Kagawa, I would like to transmit to everyone that there’s not just udon there. This time I’d like to start a new wind blowing through the AKB48 Group. I’m going to do my best to be myself and not waste the chances before me so that a lot of people will remember my face and name. I strongly feel that even though I’m a research student, I don’t want to lose to the other members, so I’m aiming to rank in. And someday, I hope SKE will equal Takahata Yuki will equal Kagawa and a connection will be made there. Everyone, let’s get fired up together! Please support this company employee-ish idol.”
        Machi Otoha
“Hello everyone! Spring has come. There are green leaves, new leaves and Machi Otoha [leaf = ha]! Hailing from Gifu prefecture, 14 years old and making every day fun, I’m Machi Otoha! I love to eat french fries. Yay~ Thank you. It’s been a year since my debut, and during that time meeting a lot of fans is the #1 thing I’ve done. I’m really happy about that. This time I’m wearing the flower crown and T-shirt from my birthday stage. For anyone watching today who doesn’t know me, I’ll explain with these light sticks. [The blue one is] the Gifu river. [The yellow one is] french fries. [The green one is] new leaves. This is Otoha’s color scheme. So I can fly around the country I’ll fill myself with energy and try my best with all my strength! Thank you!”
        Murai Junna
“Hello everyone! I’m SKE48’s unconcealable naughty girl! And a bit of a chicken? Jun-chan! Thank you. I’m Murai Junna aka Jun-chan. Just like last year, I’m running for election this year because I see it as a chance for a lot of people to remember my face and name! Last year’s election happened right after I joined SKE. Almost no time had passed yet, my appeal video wasn’t very good and I wasn’t able to express myself well, but this year a year has passed and I can express myself a lot better! I want you all to see that I’ve grown, even if just a little! Please support me. Byebye~”
        Wada Aina
“I’m a canola flower who wants you to love her. I’m a fairy who delivers bits of happiness. I’m SKE48 Research Student Wada Aina aka Aina. I’m running for my second election because I would like a lot more people to get to know me. Just like my catch phrase, I want to be a fairy who’s always shining, flying anywhere as high as possible. My goal is to make daily progress. I want to level up my dance skills and polish my power of expression. I’ll keep on working at it steadily so I can grow. I’m still inexperienced and I have a way to go, so please cheer for me.”
     Isshiki Rena
“I’m SKE48 Team S Draft Research Student Isshiki Rena. Since I joined SKE after the draft last year, I’ve done all kinds of jobs like research student theater shows, handshake events and 2shot events. I’m glad to have met so many fans at those. Also I read and save every fan letter and item I get – I love my fans. I’m good at Judo outside leg sweeps, I’m always practicing my skills with Saito Makiko and other seniors in SKE. Actually, I’m even better at inside to outside leg sweeps than outside to inside ones. Please cheer me on! Bye-bye!”
        Kamimura Ayuka
“SKE48 Team S Research Student Kamimura Ayuka aka Aa-chan here. This year is my first year participating in the election, and I’d be happy if a lot of people get to know me. I’d like to take off my ‘disguise’, even if just a little. As for this costume, do you know why I’m wearing it? Yes, it’s because a lot of people tell me that I look like a squirrel like the one I have here. Just like a squirrel, I’d like to be someone who’s seen as cute and lovable. Please keep cheering me on!”
        Mizuno Airi
“I’m SKE48 Team KII 2nd Draft Research Student Mizuno Airi. Thank you. This is my first election, and I’m aiming for my first rank-in. This year I really spent my days in fulfilling ways, and thanks to all of you I accomplished my debut as an understudy. This time I want to put a lot of power in for the election. Also, I’m the center for the research student stage ‘Party ga hajimaru yo’ which is one chance for people to see me, but I’m going to do my best to rank in so I can be in an original song as well. I’m aiming for rank 80, so please cheer for me! This was SKE48 Team KII 2nd Draft Research Student Mizuno Airi. Byebye!~ “


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