45th Single Election Appeal Comments (Team KII)

        Aoki Shiori
“I’m Team KII’s Aoki Shiori aka Oshirin.  Right now I’m doing PR for Shizuoka prefecture’s Yaezu city. So today I think I’ll introduce Yaezu city. Yaezu city is quite famous for its marine products, like maguro, sakuraebi and chirasu. Other things it’s famous for are white pears, tomatoes and strawberries. And more than anything else, it has beautiful scenery. You can even see Mt. Fuji. It’s a city with lots of charms. So that a lot of people can discover those charms for themselves, and so I can take new steps forward and see new scenery with my fans, I decided to run for election. We definitely won’t have any regrets. So please support me! Also, please come hang out in Yaezushi  ”
        Arai Yuki
“I’m SKE48 Team KII’s Arai Yuki, currently in 3rd year of high school. Thanks for watching this video. This time my poster says ‘I am genius girl’ in English. Do you understand what it means? It means I’m a genius girl. Of course, that’s not something that I’d say about myself, but a lot of other people have said ‘You’re such a genius’ to me, so I decided to use it. I try using a lot of different phrases, and I’m often told that I don’t know what I’m saying, but I’m very thankful to the fans who still support me despite not knowing what I’m saying. I don’t know if I’m chasing the times or if the times are chasing me, but I’d be happy if a lot of people get to know who I am. I’m counting on you!”
   Uchiyama Mikoto
“Hello everyone! SKE48 Team KII’s vice-leader from Mie Prefecture, ‘Sparkliing 20 year old’ Uchiyama Mikoto aka Mikotti here! Last year I didn’t rank and that really disappointed me, so no matter what I want to rank in and share happy tears with everyone…everyone! I want to raise my popularity, and I would like to have more jobs in my birthplace, Mie prefecture, countless…countless jobs! And so, everyone, please…please cheer me on if you can! Please! That’s all! From SKE48 Team KII’s ‘best masterpiece ever made in Mie’ Uchiyama Mikoto aka Mikotti!”
        Ego Yuna
“I’m SKE48 Team KII’s Ego Yuna. This being my 5th election, the costume I chose this year is the same as last year’s, the costume of the first senbatsu I was chosen for that I hold as a dear memory, Coquettish Juutaichuu. The reason I chose the same costume as last year is so the emotions attached to it can be heightened and conveyed to all of you. Last year’s election was the first time my name appeared on the preliminary ranking, and I was really happy. But at the real thing I wasn’t able to rank in, and that was really frustrating. I’m sure everyone who was cheering me on felt sad and like their effort was wasted, too. But thanks to last year’s election I am who I am now, and I think the espirit de corps among my fans and I has just gotten stronger. Because this year is my 5th election, I’m aiming to rank in. I’ll do my best towards that goal. Everyone please cheer me on. ”
       Oba Mina
“SKE48 Team KII’s Oba Mina here. My motto for this year’s election is ‘Passionately. Enjoyably. Strongly.’ And the strongly part means I’m aiming to get into senbatsu! And because you all gave me such a wonderful present last year of 27th place, even though I’ve been approaching the election so seriously in the past, that ranking I received from you really gave me self-confidence. It made me think the election is such a great event that leads to more confidence, so this year I want to have fun, and also have confidence. I want it to be that kind of election. This year too I’m burning with extra-hot passion, so please cheer me on. Byebye~!”
        Obata Yuna    
“Not banana but Yunana. What’s Yunana’s favorite fruit? Thank you. I’m Obata Yuna. This time I brought my beloved dog Love-chan with me. Yay~ Well, this time, I’m full of excitement. Last year was my first time participating in the election, and I have great memories of standing on the stage I’ve been longing for. But another memory I have is of watching my seniors ranking in and thinking that I would love to rank in too. So I’ll work hard to rank in this year. Bye-bye~ Love-chan say byebye~ That’s all from Obata Yuna!”
   Kitano Ruka
“Are we gonna work hard today too? Work hard! SKE48 Team KII’s Kitano Ruka here. The reason I chose to run for election this year is because of something a certain person said, and those words are here: You need to get into senbatsu! This is something someone said to me during a concert. I was really surprised, and my mind went blank. Since these words were said to me, I decided to keep striving to move upwards. I see the election as a chance to make this come true! I’ll keep doing my best! Please cheer for me to the end.”
    Shirai Kotono
“Everyone say Kocchama~ I’m SKE48 Team KII’s ‘On fairytale road at full speed~’ Everybody’s idol, Shirai Kotono aka Kocchan. Everyone, do you believe in miracles? I want to prove they exist by creating one at the election through our efforts. I debuted at the 2nd draft, and at first I didn’t gain much attention, which really frustrated me. I felt that I had to work hard. Even if there’s a ledge behind me, I want to stake my heart on performing so that fans can’t take their eyes off me. Among the 2nd draft members, I managed to be the first one promoted. And while at first it was empty, the fans filled my present box with warm feelings little by little. It made me really happy. This costume I’m wearing is from the recent CM senbatsu that I really wanted to join. Thanks to my fans’ efforts, I was chosen for it. If we put our feelings together I’m sure we can make another miracle happen. I hope I can rank in with the help of many people. I want to become an indispensible presence to the AKB group. I would be glad if you all help me create the Kocchan Revolution. Everyone who supported me, I’ll make sure you don’t regret it. Thank you!”
        Souda Sarina
“This time I chose to run for election. I’m SKE48 Team KII’s Souda Sarina. This year my goal is to enter senbatsu. I know it’s still going to be very difficult, but I really want to join senbatsu! It took a lot of courage to say that, but as an SKE member and as an idol, up til now while I’ve been working as hard as I can, the desire to become a senbatsu member was born. As the idol Souda Sarina, and the SKE member Souda Sarina, I want to aim even higher. The election is the opportunity I want to go all out challenging to get there. Finally, again, my goal this year is to join senbatsu.”
        Takatsuka Natsuki
“Hello everyone. I’m SKE48 Team KII’s Takatsuka Natsuki. The reason I chose to run for election this year is that I want even one more person to know who I am. This year I chose this dolphin costume because it was the costume I had made for me for my first Janken Tournament. It’s a really special costume to me and I think it has a lot of impact. Also, last year, I brought this one dolphin plush, but this year I brought these 3 as well. It gives a really lively feeling. So this time I’m running for election to get more people to know me, but I also want to say clearly that I want to rank in and I’ll feel disappointed if I don’t. I wanted to say this to you so I can grow a bit. To all of you who have been supporting me, and to anyone who might have become interested in me this time, it would make me happy if you keep cheering me on. Thank you.”
        Takayanagi Akane
“SKE48 Team KII’s Takayanagi Akane here. Last year’s election was the first time I was voted into senbatsu thanks to everyone’s support, a whopping rank 14! Thanks to all of your support, last summer was a spectacularly HOT HOT HOOOOTTTT summer! This year I wanna spend another super hot summer with you with all my soul! So I’m gonna do my best this year! And when you think of summer, you think of omatsuri [festivals], and when you think of festivals, you think of omachuri and when you think of omachuri you think of HAPPI, right?  [happi says Churi on back] So I’ll wear this Happi today. Let me think, let’s go with that again this year. Now, what is it I’m gonna do? That’s right, I’m going to sing that song. Please listen – Takayanagi Akane with Sooranbushi[singing festival song]”
        Takeuchi Saki
“SKE48 Team KII’s Takeuchi Saki here. In the preliminary rankings last year, I was 78th. I was just happy to get into the preliminary rankings. I was so surprised, and at that point I was already satisfied with the election results. But this year, like I said at my birthday stage, I want to rank in at the election. I want to rank in and enter SKE’s senbatsu. I know that’s a high bar to set, but it’s what I want. I’m no longer that young. I’ve now become someone who can’t get away with slacking off. Everyone, please support me.”
        Hidaka Yuzuki
“I’m SKE48 Team KII’s Hidaka Yuzuki. I have a special talent. It’s MM [monomane] – impressions. [?? some stuff I didn’t catch] And the thing about impressions to keep in mind is that you need to develop technique that makes your face look unlike your own. This is the most important. Well, you can see this on the official mobile site, so please check it out. This year I’m staking a lot of my feelings on the election, and I have a target in mind. That is…my goal is to get above 49! 49 was my rank in the prelims last year. Along with the speech I didn’t get to do at the real thing last year, this year I also want to try out a new impression. Now that I’ve said that, I don’t really know what will happen in the election, let’s look forward to it together. I’ll be waiting for your support. Thank you. Byebye~”
    Furuhata Nao
“SKE48 Team KII’s Furuhata Nao here. This year I’m running for election because of what Jurina said while crying at Miyazawa Sae’s recent graduation concert: “Lend SKE your strength”. Upon seeing her tearful face, I strongly felt that I wanted to protect the smiles of SKE, Jurina, and many other people. Right now I don’t think there’s any meaning in struggling for a higher spot in SKE. I want to see more of the wide world around me, I want to learn many, many more things and bring them into SKE. I have to get stronger. And so I’d like to say that in the election I’m aiming for senbatsu. That’s what I wanted to tell you all. I’m aiming for senbatsu, and even higher. I want to take SKE to a place where it’s easier for our dreams to come true. I’ll work hard for that. Thank you for watching!”


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  1. ren

    A lot of the comments made me tear up tbh…I didn’t think I’d get to read Sally’s translation for her appeal comment too so that you ; u ; she’s been a favorite of mine. If possible, can you translate Team N’s please? Thank you very much ; u ;

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