45th Single Election Appeal Comments (Team E)

Ida Reona
“With these large hands and with a smile, I’ll grab everyone’s hearts. Overflowing with energy as always, 17 years old and a 3rd year highschooler, I’m Team E’s Ida Reona. Up until now, the elections have been a place where I can appeal and get people to know who I am. That’s usually why I enter, but recently I was able to participate in the AKB49 musical. The places where I can challenge myself are increasing in number, so with all my heart I’d like to rank in this year. Please cheer for me. That’s all from Team E’s Ida Reona.”
 Ichino Narumi
“Everyone, fall in love with Naru~ Thank you. 17 years old and a 2nd year highschooler, I’m Team E’s Ichino Narumi. In my election poster this year I’m vaulting wearing this jersey. The reason for that is I want my ranking to jump high just like I jump that vaulting box! Well, I said it was a vaulting box, so you really don’t jump over it…but I’d like to see a jump of around 8 levels which is a pretty high goal. In the past elections, I haven’t been able to rank at all, so for this election I’m going to do my best to rank in. Everyone, please cheer for me! That’s all from SKE48 Team E’s Ichino Narumi! Byebye~!”
 Kamata Natsuki
“Hello everyone, I’m SKE48 Team E’s Kamata Natsuki aka Nakki, 19 years old. At the election last year, I ranked 70th and got to perform the wonderful song ‘Kimi dake ga akimeite ita’. Thank you so much everyone! Now, I wonder if there’s anyone who noticed? This costume is one that was used in the Kimi dake ga akimeite ita MV! Unfortunately, I don’t get many opportunities to wear this costume outside of that one time. But I was able to wear it for this video and the poster, and since it’s so full of memories, it makes me so happy! Thank you. Also, this year my goal is to get rank 33! It’s a pretty high goal. Actually, I got this ranking in the prelims last year, but unfortunately it just didn’t happen in the real thing. My goal is most definitely high, I’ll do my best to overcome my limits and get rank 33! Everyone, let’s have fun with the election this year! See you again~ This was Kamata Natsuki~”
   Kimoto Kanon
“SKE48 Team E’s Kimoto Kanon here. This will be the first election since I graduated high school. I decided to run for election because of all the members of my generation who have graduated or who have decided not to join this time. I really thought about it for a long time, but in the end I decided to go for it, and so I’m going to challenge it with this 4th gen T-shirt! I feel like the 4th generation still has potential to fulfill, it would be good if we can do that. This time my goal is Undergirls. Or if it’s the case that I end up a senbatsu member, either way I will do my best! Thank you!”
    Kumazaki Haruka
“I’ll bear-bother you if you don’t look my way! I’m SKE48 Team E’s Kumazaki Haruka aka Kuma-chan. This year I decided to run for election! Last year, you all gave me the wonderful present of rank 73! I was really, really, really so happy! Tears of happiness were streaming down my face! Thank you so much! However, I don’t want to stop there. I want to aim even higher! My goal is Undergirls. I thought about whether to express my goal or not, but a goal is a big thing to have so I decided to state it clearly here! Okay, I said it! I would be happy if you all helped write the story of Kuma-chan with me! And I’ll work hard so that you’ll say ‘I chose you, Kuma-chan!!’ Thank you everyone!”
Goto Rara
“Everyone sing together, rarararai~ Everyone smile together, rarararai~ Thank you. I’m a cupid delivering smiles, Goto Rara aka Rara. Thank you so much to everyone who is always supporting me. My goal for the election is to rank in. I’ve met with a lot of obstacles up until now, but everywhere I turned there were fans there to support me. The obstacle of the election is a pretty difficult one, but I have all of you to help me so I’m not afraid. Let’s aim high together. Please cheer me on.”
        Saito Makiko
“I’m SKE48 captain and Team E’s Saito Makiko, born in Osaka. It’s time again this year for the trophy unboxing! Yay~! Here I have lined up my election trophies. This one is from 3 years ago, 42nd place. And this one was 2 years ago, 75th place. And this is, ta-da~, last year’s 65th place trophy! I can’t wait. I really think about this all year. It’s exciting and heart-racing. I’m gonna open it. Ta-da~ Here it is! It’s pretty…amazing, the rank 65 trophy. In last year’s video I expressed my surprise at the size difference between these two. This year, I can’t really say I’m surprised. But it’s 10 ranks up from last year, and I’ll do my best to get a better ranking this year. This year, as SKE48’s captain, I feel like I better not lose! Thanks for all your cheers! Until next year, farewell~!”
        Sakai Mei
“May my smile rest in everyone’s hearts~ I’m SKE48 Team E’s Sakai Mei. I decided to run for election this year as well. If I’m telling the truth, I worried about whether I should the whole time, and the answer within myself that I came to was that despite ranking 70th in last year’s preliminaries, even though I couldn’t rank in at the real thing under my own power, I feel like it’ll happen this time. Also, thanks to the support of a lot of people, I was able to graduate high school, and I’m now facing SKE as a full-time worker. I think it would be great to have a wonderful start to that beginning on 6/18, so please everyone cheer for me to the end. That’s all from SKE48 Team E’s Sakai Mei.”
        Sato Sumire
“I’m SKE48 Team E’s Sato Sumire aka Suumelo. I’m running for election this year. Last year I received the ranking of 49th, and somehow I ended up as center as an added bonus! I felt really lucky to have spent my time so happily. You all let me wear this wedding dress. This year as center I spent the year feeling like #1. I feel that I want to taste that happiness again this year, so that’s why I applied. I hope that I can shed happy tears with you all again this year. Please keep cheering me on. That’s all from Sato Sumire.”
     Sugawara Maya
“SKE48’s first member from the Tohoku region, the good girl hailing from Miyagi prefecture, I’m Sugawara Maya aka Maiyan. I hear my fans saying ‘let’s rank in this year!’ a lot, but because it’s my first election I’m really nervous. But I’m also really looking forward to it as a new experience. My goal is to rank in, but it’s only been around a year since I joined SKE and there are probably a lot of people who don’t recognize me. So I’d be happy if I can use the election aas a way for a lot of people to get to know me. I’ll try really, really hard to appeal so that more people notice me, so please cheer me on.”
    Suda Akari
“I, Suda Akari, have had a renewal! This year, no matter the election outcome, we were able to share smiles together at the theater and handshake events. Even if we haven’t seen each other, the fact that there are so many people who think of me is something that gives me confidence, I promise! The people I do meet are always compensating for the things that I’m missing. Thank you so much! This year for the election, I won’t make any excuses, I’m ready to accept anything! Now then, getting back to my roots, I’ll do what I did for the first election I ran for. I don’t just Y-balance, I can I-balance!”
 Takatera Sana
“Bringing you smiles from thirty thousand light years away! Born in Kyoto and a 16 year old 2nd year high schooler, I’m Team E’s Takatera Sana aka Saanan. This will be my 3rd election, and the costume I’m wearing is the Heart gata virus costume. During the Team E portions of the SKE national tour, it’s the first unit I got to do. This is the Team E arrangement of the costume, and I really like it so I decided to wear it. Well, since it is my 3rd election, it’s a serious election. I don’t think I can communicate my feelings that well to my fans, everything feels a bit ambiguous inside me, but this year I’m going to be clear and say to my fans in my own words that I want to rank in. I’m going to work really hard to show you all that I’ve powered up this year compared to last year. Everyone, please cheer for me! Byebye~”
    Tani Marika
“SKE48 Team E’s Tani Marika aka Marika here! Yes, I’m Tani! I’m Tani! Quite a while ago, when I would search my name, it all came up ‘Tani Marika is unattractive! Tani Marika has dirty hair!’ However, recently when I searched my name, ‘Tani Marika is cute’ SHOWED UP! That’s all…thanks…to you! Last time, in the preliminaries, you all put me at rank 11! 11! And then in the real thing, you gave me the amazing rank of 23! 23! But from my perspective 2 3 looks like this [backwards fingers]. And so, this year…this year…this year…I’ll do my best!”
        Fukushi Nao
“Boom boom! There’s fortune in what others leave behind. Bringing fortune from Tochigi prefecture, I’m SKE48 Team E’s 17 year old Fukushi Nao [fuku=fortune]. Well, it’s been a year since the last election and now that this year’s election is upon us, I unhesitatingly submitted my application to join. This past year I had a lot of jobs in my own hometown, did many fulfilling things, was able to appear on regular TV shows, and I was chosen as the co-leader of Team E. I have a lot of happy memories of the past year, so it would be great if I could make some with all of you at the election too. Everyone please cheer for me this year too!”


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