45th Single Election Appeal Comments (Team S)

        Azuma Rion
“My Hokkaido native origins are going full throttle! I’m SKE48 Team S’s Azuma Rion aka Azumarion, born in Hokkaido. This time, it’s a bit hard to talk because of all the practice and lessons I’ve been doing. And so, for this election, I’ll put my feelings into playing that special song on my specialty, piano! [plays Escape]”
        Inuzuka Asana
“I’m SKE48’s ‘Won’t you go for a walk with us?’ Inuzuka Asana aka Wan-chan. I chose to run for election this year. Well, I’m running quite a lot more seriously this year than I did last year. My fans wanted me to. The first thing I thought about when I decided to run was what to wear for the video. This is the ‘Yuudachi no Mae’ costume. At SKE’s Request Hour last year, it’s the song that got #1 for the first time. So there are a lot of memories and happiness woven into this costume. And I hope I can share that happiness with everyone. Through the song ‘Yuudachi no Mae’, my bonds with the fans got even deeper, and in the election as well, I hope I can further tighten my bonds with my fans. That’s why I chose to run. I’m going to try my best seriously. Please support me. Thank you.”
 Kitagawa Ryoha
“The ingredient you need is – Ryoha! I want you to want me but still a little prickly, 17 year old SKE48 Team S/AKB48 Team 4’s Kitagawa Ryoha here. Last year I got ranked 66 in the election, a wonderful ranking. Thank you so much. This year, I’m aiming for Undergirls…not! I’m really aiming for NUMBER ONE! ONE! WAN! That’s what I’m aiming for. And there’s one more thing I want to say! I just want to express my dream honestly – WAN WAN! Thank you!”
        Goto Risako
“Hello everyone! SKE48 Team S’s Goto Risako here. As a 3rd generation member, I joined SKE in elementary grade 6, but this spring, I became a college student! And it seems I am the first member in the AKB group to join in elementary grade 6 and make it all the way to college! So all of you who watched over me for all those years – elementary, middle, high school and now college – last year you gave me the wonderful rank of 52, I’m wearing this wedding dress for you! How do you like it? Now that you’ve seen me in elementary, middle, high school, college, and a wedding dress, what will you see me in next?! Look forward to it! Let’s keep journeying together! This was Goto Risako.”
        Sugiyama Aika
“SKE48 Team S’s Sugiyama Aika here. I want this year’s election to be an experience that helps me grow. To listen to the speeches of the senior members, to study their talk talents, and to level up my own feelings. My dream is to become a top idol, and to do that I’m going to work really hard at performances, events and handshakes. Please cheer for me! That was all from SKE48 Team S’s Sugiyama Aika.”
     Takeuchi Mai
“Hello everyone! I’m SKE48 Team S’s Takeuchi Mai aka Maimai. At last year’s election, I received the amazing ranking of 76th! And the number of votes for me was 13,539! This number is a crystallization of love created by everyone’s cheers and support for me. Thank you so much. This year I gained a lot of confidence. And also, I got to do even just a smidge more work in my hometown of Mie Prefecture. Now I have a new goal, which is…! I want to do a Kankou Taishi [PR tour episode] to Mie! From here on, as an individual and a member of SKE48, I will work towards my goals and keep making progress! Please cheer for Takeuchi Mai!”
    Noguchi Yume
“Ta-da! SKE48 Team S’s Noguchi Yume here. In the past year since the last election, a lot of things have happened! I was injured and took a short recuperation period. ‘Yuudachi no Mae’ reached #1 in SKE’s Request Hour. I recieved 7th rank in the ‘Passion for You’ CM senbatsu. And I ate a LOT of fried rice! And a lot of other things happened too! So nostalgic. And for my 4th election this year, I…really want to rank in! Thank you for listening! Let’s all happily eat tempura bowls on 6/18!”
 Nojima Kano
“Let’s hear a Kano-chan call! Thank you. No matter when, my excitement is at max! SKE48 Team S’s Nojima Kano here! Hi everyone! This time I’m running for election for the first time as a full SKE member. Last year I was still a research student, but since I’m a full member now I’m really nervous. I’m going to try really hard! I’ll work so that even a few more people can discover me this year. I’m counting on you! That’s all from SKE48 Team S’s Nojima Kano!”
     Futamura Haruka
“I’m SKE48 Team S’s Futamura Haruka aka Harutamu! Nice to see you all~  This year I turned 20! Thanks to everyone who always cheers me on! 2 years ago I got ranked 34th, and last year I was 38th. It was such a fun year, thank you so much. Running for election is great for girls like me who don’t get many media appearances, because it gives us the chance to have some exposure. I’m running for election so I don’t waste that chance. I want to step up even higher, I hope the election will help me do that! The reason I chose the ‘Candy’ outfit is because I wanted to wear it and I wanted my fans to see it. Do you like it? And so I’m fired up this year too. Please cheer for me!”
     Matsui Jurina
“I’m SKE48’s Matsui Jurina. It’s been 8 years since I joined SKE48. In those days, I was 11 years old, and now I’m 19. This costume is SKE’s debut costume, ‘Tsuyokimono yo’. Last year, subjecting my fans and the staff to my selfishness, I canceled my concurrency with AKB and became an SKE-only member. I love SKE48, I love the fans, and I want to put all my efforts into SKE48, the group that raised me. Truthfully, I think SKE is in a pinch right now. A lot of members are graduating, and I want to make a new SKE with the members who are left and the members who are just joining. New groups are springing up all around us, and I feel a sense of impending crisis. SKE can’t afford to stand still. So I am going to do my best with everything I have. I want the fans to help us create SKE’s 2nd chapter. So please, those of you who are fans of SKE…those of you who aren’t fans of SKE…and those of you who will become fans of SKE…please support SKE48! As for myself, I think there might still be something missing. So I will work on myself too. Everyone, please be strong for me and for SKE! Thank you for your support!”
 Matsumoto Chikako
“I’m SKE48 Team S’s vice-leader Matsumoto Chikako. My goal for this election is to rank in! No particular rank in mind. I’ll do my best to be called to the stage. The reason I chose this costume is because it was Miyazawa Sae’s costume! Sae wore this costume and this hat on music shows and they make me really happy so I chose this costume. As Team S’s vice-leader, I’ll work hard to be someone who keeps pushing Team S and SKE48 forward! Everyone, please cheer for me!”
        Miyamae Ami    
“I’m SKE48 Team S’s ‘I want to tie everyone’s hearts together with one and two braids [ami]’, 18 years old, Miyamae Ami. This is the 8th AKB48 election! For this election, well, since I announced my graduation before the date of the election was decided…I think a lot of people thought I definitely wouldn’t be running. I thought of checking Hobohobo [a SNS app], and as I was looking through the comments, almost all the comments said ‘She’s here!’ ‘Eh? Miyamae…is running?’ I got a lot of exciting comments like that. I think a lot of people were definitely surprised, but in a good way. From here on I want to have fun at many more events with everyone. Please keep cheering me on. Don’t worry. I’m here.”
Yamauchi Suzuran
“[singing 12gatsu no kangaroo] ‘December kangaroo, you’re here inside me~’ You’re here inside Suzu-chan, too! I’m SKE48’s Yamauchi Suzuran aka Ranran! Yay! Scene 1: At The Zoo! Wow, there’s so many animals~ Look, it’s a kangaroo! At the Yamauchi zoo, Pandas are #1, but I would be happy if Suzu-chan kangaroo has the top spot in your heart! Scene 2: My Girlfriend is a Kangaroo! What do you want to eat today? Grass~ Grass isn’t edible! When you’re with Suzu, grass or anything tastes great! [voice off set] Um… could you take this a little more seriously? …Hnn?! Suzu-chan is taking this very seriously! Suzu-chan is always seriously playing around! …Sorry. I’ll get serious. This time I chose the 12gatsu no kangaroo costume, because it was my first senbatsu song after I transferred to SKE! And why am I wearing this scarf? Because the fans helped me pick it out! Just look, isn’t it cute?! Suzu-chan and her fans are always of one mind and body! So let’s aim high this year too!”
        Yamada Juna
“Hello~ SKE48 Team S’s Yamada Juna here. I’d like to introduce myself this time. My real name is Yamada Juna. My nickname is Junko. My favorite foods are ramen and ice cream. I like all kinds of ice cream, from richest to least rich, like lacto ice [>3% milk solid], ice milk [>10% milk solid] and ice cream itself [>15% milk solid]. I know them all, so feel free to come by and ask me about it! If I’m able to rank in at the election, because I think there are a lot of people who don’t know who I am, that would be a great chance for them all at once to learn who I am. I want to perform a lot! Thank you.”


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