45th Single Election Appeal Comments (Team 4)

Iino Miyabi
“I’m AKB48 Team 4’s Iino Miyabi. This time will be my 2nd election. The election is so important to the past year of work I’ve done. My goals right now are to work as a model and actress. My current goal is to become recognized by the public as a model. So this time my election poster looks like I’m on the cover of a magazine. Please keep cheering for me. That was all from Iino Miyabi. Thank you.”
        Izuta Rina
“Born in Saitama, I’m Team 4’s Izuta Rina. This time my concept for the election is this: ta-da~! Don’t worry, I’m wearing something! No, I mean, don’t worry, I won’t give up! So I’m going with this concept this year. And my goal for ranking in this time is 61. That’s because at the last AKB Tandoku Request Hour, the song that by good fortune I got to be the center of, ‘Reborn’, ranked in at 61 too. I was super happy about it. So this year I’ll try my best for rank 61! Please keep supporting me! Byebye~”
        Iwatate Saho
“Hey everyone~ let’s start our voice training exercise~ Follow along with me please! Yahoo~ Sahoo~  I’m Team 4’s Iwatate Saho aka Sahhoo. I know it’s awfully sudden, but my goal for 2016 is to eat foods from all around Japan. First up, I have a Niigata prefecture lunchbox you can buy in Tokyo that I’d like to introduce. First, this “sake no yakitsuke” lunchbox. With Niigata-style complementary foods, the sake no yakitsuke and koshihikari [type of rice], it’s a very Niigata-ish lunchbox. I’ll try the sake part. Here we go~ Mm!  Mm! It’s oily! It melts in the mouth. Moving on. Next we have the snowman bento! You can move its eyebrows around, isn’t it cute? Further, it seems you can use it as a bank too. Good, huh? And the contents look like this. It’s soboro [minced fish], the flavor should be pretty strong. Well, I’ll just try it. Here I go~ Of course, robust flavor that mixes together, so good. So this time I introduced these two boxes. There are a lot of good things from Niigata to eat. Now I’m as hungry for food as I am for the election! I wanna win! Also, let’s do our vocal exercise this year too! Please keep cheering for me!”
       Okawa Rio
“Hi, this is AKB48 Team 4’s Okawa Rio aka Riorin, 15 years old. This year the election is jam packed with my dreams and ideals. My poster is trying to give off a princess-like aura. And my costume right now is also a pure white dress. So my special talent is flute, and I’ll play some for you now. [plays Sakura no ki ni narou] Thank you! Please cheer for me! This was Okawa Rio. Byebye~”
     Oomori Miyu
“AKB48 Team 4’s 17 year old Omori Miyu here. This year my goal is to surpass my rankings from last year. 21 in the preliminary round, 67 in the real thing. I hope to surpass that. I’ll also sing this year. [sings 365nichi no kamihikouki]”
        Okada Ayaka
“I’m AKB48 Team 4’s Okada Ayaka. This year I decided to run for election as well. Last year in the prelims, I got ranked 42nd, but in the real thing I didn’t get called. It was really frustrating. However, I joined the eleciton this year because I can’t stop here. I don’t want to give up. My poster is about aiming for the stage I dream of, and working hard every day. That’s all, this was Okada Ayaka.”
        Okada Nana
“AKB48 Team 4’s Okada Nana here. I decided to run for election this year. In the years leading up to this election, I was unranked, then 51st, then 29th. My rank has slowly but steadily been increasing. This year, decisively, I’m aiming for Kami 7! Well, my name is ‘Nana’ [seven] so I’m aiming for Kami 7! Everyone, please cheer for me!”
        Kawamoto Saya
“I’m AKB48 Team 4’s Kawamoto Saya aka Sayaya. I decided to participate in the election this year. The past two years I participated, but I was never called to the stage. It was really frustrating, and my fans surely felt frustrated too. So this time I’ll do my best to rank in. And since I’m good at calligraphy, I wrote my goals that way. [sign: frankness for the 3rd] It’ll be my 3rd election, so I wrote it this way. From here onwards, I want to be a more exciting presence in AKB, so together with my fans I want to rank in as a first step towards that. Everyone, please cheer for me.”
        Kitazawa Saki
“Hello everyone, I’m AKB48 Team 4’s Kitazawa Saki aka Sakkii. When you see this costume, what question comes to mind? You there! That’s absolutely right! This uniform is cosplay! I actually graduated high school in March, so my uniform has become cosplay. However, you might be wondering why I’m cosplaying. It’s because I’m dressing up as a member of the program “Ijime wo Knock-out! [Knock out Bullying]” . As for my dreams for the future, I’d like to become a musical actress. In my appeal comment last year, I mentioned that I still hadn’t had any acting experience. But then last year I had my first acting job! I felt I was one step closer to my dreams, so I was really happy. I’m going to keep doing my best to reach my dream to be a musical actress. I hope I can ride the wave of a good election result. So I’ll keep working hard. Everyone, please cheer me on! That was all from Kitazawa Saki, thank you!
        Kojima Mako
“Hello everyone, I’m AKB48’s Kojima Mako aka Kojimako. This is sudden, but last year I said that there were some foods I wanted to learn to be able to eat this year. So I’ll show you those. These are ikura, ootoro, and salmon [sushis]. Well, I guess these look pretty similar. Now I said I wanted to be able to eat them, and actually I am able to eat them now! So this year for myself next year I want to be able to eat these: coffee. Coffee is really pretty bitter and has an adult feel to it. Also, tea! Tea is also kind of a bitter adult beverage that I actually still don’t drink. Well, I can handle fruit teas. So I want to challenge those. And last is sparkling water. You always see adult women drinking this stuff all stylishly, so one day I wanna be sipping this in front of some junior members. This year’s election is the last election of a 10 year era, so I’m really fired up and going into some really important years, I want these years to start well. So I’m going to try my best. Everyone keep cheering me on please! Now I’ll go back to the mountains. I’m not Haruki!”
        Komiyama Haruka
“Hi, I’m AKB48 Team 4’s Komiyama Haruka aka Komiharu. In the prelims for last year’s election, I was ranked 37th. It was a lovely present my fans gave me. But in the real thing, my name wasn’t called. However, I’ve learned so much, and I think I’ve grown so much. People see me as someone who gets really worked up, I think they misunderstand me. I have some really rough edges, and I’m so fervent on the path to being an idol that I’ve been told I can turn black-hearted in an instant. But even so, my fans still give me their love, and Takamina told me she loves me no matter which side of me is showing. These give me the courage to be myself. So that I can connect with my fans not as an idol, but as the human being Komiyama Haruka, I’m really glad when fans tell me that they like me, even though I am how I am. A lot of people tell me they’re watching me, and I felt that firsthand last election. So I want to keep aiming higher along with everyone. Please keep cheering for me!”
        Sato Kiara
“Hi, I’m AKB48 Team 4’s 15th generation Sato Kiara aka Kii-chan. I’ll be doing my appeal by introducing myself. I was born in 200 on August 11th in Chiba prefecture, my blood type is B. I like pickled plums, and I hate liver. My personality is very shy and anxious, clumsy, stubborn and self-centered. But I’m pretty lucky, like I am blessed by luck. My costume is refelcting that. I was chosen for the Janken coupling song through my strong luck, too. In the election, I want to put more of my own effort into it. But luck is probably important too, so with luck as my ally I’ll do my best. Please cheer for me!”
        Takahashi Juri
“Hello everyone! I’m AKB48 Team 4’s Takahashi Juri, 18 years old! Every year I do these appeal comments, but for this year’s, 2016, I want to express my spirit through a yell! [yells for a really long time] I’m gonna take over the world! Please cheer for me!”
        Nishino Miki
“I’m AKB48 Team 4’s Nishino Miki. 2 years ago I ranked in at 62nd. But last year, I wasn’t able to rank in and I felt frustrated. My fans were really sad too. That’s why this year, I absolutely have to rank in so I can share happy tears with my fans. My goal is fairly high, but I’m going to do my best to aim for Undergirls center. Everyone, please cheer for me. …OKAY! Talking in such a reserved manner is really hard for me and my personality doesn’t come out so now I’m gonna dance as hard as I can!!! Yay! Here I go! [sings kimi dake ni chuchuchu]”


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