45th Election Single Appeal Comments (Team K)

Abe Maria
“Minegishi Team K’s Abe Maria here. I’ll be playing my Shimura bass, I want you to hear a little bit of this today. [guitar] yay! Now I’ll eat. Mmm. Carl’s Jr is the best!”
     Ichikawa Manami
“I’m AKB48 Team K’s Ichikawa Manami. This time I wrote what I want to say in a letter. I’d be happy if you listen until the end. Here goes. I’m not featured in the media a lot, and I don’t have a high degree of popularity. I can’t say I have high hopes for the election. But I saw a game the other day. The players were serious and I was serious cheering them on, too. And so I am more serious than I was last year. I’m not good at expressing my own feelings. Or rather, I don’t like to. When I do, I get misunderstood a lot. If I show them here, I don’t know how it will be taken, and I’m a little afraid, so I’m quick to quash my feelings. That’s why it often seems like I’m not very passionate. To make the 15th generation performance a success, I needed to have passionate feelings. For the election, I need even more passionate feelings. I’m often told to pull myself together, and I rely on my dance teacher a lot. I’m not as strong as everyone thinks, and I can’t do anything on my own. Still, let’s do our best together. That was all from AKB48 Team K’s Ichikawa Manami.”
 Shinozaki Ayana
“I’m AKB48 Team K’s Shinozaki Ayana aka Ayanan. Last year you all gave me the wonderful rank of 78. It was the first time I ranked in and I was really thankful. This year, I want to aim higher with everyone, and for that I’m going to eat these cherry tomatoes that I haven’t eaten for 20 years. Here goes. It’s tasty. And so [cough] while challenging new things, I hope I can see the greatest scenery with you all! Speaking of challenging new things, I was able to do a theater play for the first time. Within that, there was a part that I screwed up on stage. So I think I’ll get revenge on that now! Here goes. ‘Hey~ This year, I want you to cheer for Ayanan~'”
    Shimada Haruka
 Shimoguchi Hinana
“Hi everyone, I’m Team K’s Shimoguchi Hinana. I thought of a way to express my hopes for the election, and that is this. Genkai Toppa (overcome my limits) [also a game]. You might be wondering why genkai toppa? It’s because right now I want to overcome my limits. Until now, I gave up every time I reached my limit. But this time, with these words, I want to overcome them! This year, I’m going to be someone completely different from who I was before. I want you to see more of who I am. I want to be more of who I am. If you watched this and became interested in me, I’d be truly happy. You, who are watching this video right now! I’m gonna take your picture. Say cheese! That’s all from Shimoguchi Hinana, bye bye~”
 Tano Yuuka
“Hi everyone, I’m AKB48 Team K’s Tano Yuuka. Let’s see, last year I was able to perform in a lot of stage plays that I loved. And I had opportunities from AKB in dramas and things, and got to appear in a lot of great stage plays. It’s been a year full of plays that I love. And I learned a lot from my co-stars. It was very valuable time. As far as the election goes, every year I say here what my goal is: I want to rank into Undergirls. Same as last year. So everyone, please cheer for me! Thanks for watching my video. Byebye~”
     Fujita Nana
“I’m AKB48 Team K’s Fujita Nana. Last year I won the Janken Tournament and was able to make my solo debut with the song Migiashi Evidence. And so this time, using that as a frame of reference, I make a first letters poem! I want it to reflect my enthusiasm for the election! Here we go. Migiashi’s MI – I’m thankful for everyone’s warm feelings! Migiashi’s GI – When there were things I wanted to scream about, I was able to overcome it because you were there! Migiashi’s A – Thanks for all the love! I also love you with all my heart! SHI – The desperate battle starts now! I’m going to give it my all! And so, did it reach you all? Because the junior members are growing in number, I feel like now is the time I want to prove my existence in the election. Well, it might be difficult, but I want to prove that my Janken win wasn’t just luck! I’m going to do my best. Everyone cheer for me please!”
 Minegishi Minami
“Hello everyone. I’m AKB48 Team K’s Minegishi Minami. First, I want to say that this election will be my last election. These past 10 years, a lot of things have happened. Sad things. Worrisome things. Depressing things. Even so, your support has given me energy! As this will be my 8th election, I’m a little sad that I haven’t been in senbatsu since 2013. I have some pretty painful and sad memories. So this time I definitely want to get into senbatsu! It’s a 10 year commitment!”
        Mukaichi Mion
“[rips poster that says ‘next generation’] I, Mukaichi Mion, was chosen as the 44th single’s center this time. Thank you so much. Everything I have to be thankful for, I was called “next generation” for. In Majisuka Gakuen, I played the role of a “next generation” member. However, that’s not good enough anymore. Takamina and many other senior members have graduated already, and now AKB’s 11th year has begun with me as the center. I’m no longer working as a ‘next generation’ member but as a leader of the group. That’s why I’m more serious this election than I ever have been before. My goal is to get into senbatsu. Last year I ranked in for the first time and I don’t know if the goal I set was good. But in order to get closer to the position I was given and so I can become more serious as someone who pulls AKB forward, I plan to work as hard as I can. Everyone, please support me.”
 Mutou Tomu
“Hello everyone. I’m AKB48 Team K’s Mutou Tomu. In last year’s election, thanks to all of your support, I recieved the wonderful ranking of 16. It was all thanks to you, thank you so much. Thanks to the election, I was chosen for commercials, senbatsu concerts and dramas, this year was full and substantial. This year my goal is to get into single digits. I’ll do my best, so everyone please cheer me on. ~Party people party people~ everyone together~ Are you election party people?~”
    Mogi Shinobu
“Hai~ To your heart, Mogi mogi~ I’m Team K’s Mogi Shinobu aka Mogi-chan. First, last year I got ranked 57th. Future girls, an amazing rank. Being able to sing such a great song as Kimi ni wedding dress wo… I’m so thankful to all of you. But last year, even though I recieved so many opportunities from my fans, I still haven’t done anything in return. This year I’m aiming for a higher rank, so I can do more work, so you all can say you were happy you voted for me. This year I’m going to work really hard, so please cheer for me.”
 Yumoto Ami
“I’m AKB48 Team K’s Yumoto Ami, 18. This is my 3rd election. Last year, and the year before last, unfortunately, my name was not called. But this year, I definitely want to hear my name among the rankings. I’ll lend my strength to that. My special ability is acrobatics. Back handsprings, backflips, a specialty that uses the body. If on the day of the election I rank in, I’ll do a back handspring on the stage! So everyone, please root for me until the end! This was Team K’s Yumoto Ami. Byebye~”


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