Shimazaki Haruka Short Interview – FLASH SPECIAL 05.2014

This short interview with Shimazaki Haruka was printed in the 05.2014 FLASH SPECIAL GW Issue.


“I turned 20. But I didn’t think anything special of it (laugh). I was happy that the members celebrated my birthday. But it was sad to leave my teens. In my mind, I stopped at 18. I still sometimes almost introduce myself as ‘Shimazaki Haruka, age 18’. The other day we had ‘the big shuffle’. It was decided that I would move from Team B to Team A.  Names were called: the captain, Takamina-san (Takahashi Minami), the vice-captain (Nakamura) Mariko, Kojima Haruna-san, Kawaei (Rina), Annin (Iriyama Anna), A was full of senbatsu members. And then as if faintly, my name was called. I imagined I’d be with (Yokoyama) Yui, who’s in the same generation as me, but not this time.


Actually, I love Team A’s songs. “Rinjin wa kizutsukanai” and “Kurumi to Dialogue” are especially good. I want to try performing them at a concert. What I was surprised about was (Kizaki) Yuria coming to AKB48. She acted alongside me in “Majisuka Gakuen 3″, so I was happy. I think this will bring out a new side of Yuria, so I want her to dance with all her strength. Since Oshima Yuko-san is graduating, AKB has to become something new. One member I’m noticing is Owada Nana-chan from the 15th generation. She vaguely gives off the same atmosphere I used to, so I’ve been thinking about her. It’s not just me here, I want every member to go on holding up AKB together.”


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